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Thread: Carolyn and George on "The View" today

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    Carolyn did come off as one tough cookie

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    Short appearance, nothing really new. Carolyn was dressed very casually in pants. Looked nice. She didn't like Joy's remarks about DT wantong a good looking blone around (which was supposed to be funny but went over like a lead balloon).

    Troy was also in the audience and said some things. I think that was his wife (dark hair) beside him.

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    Carolyn didn't look comfortable being there especially after Joy's snippy comments.

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    I wonder if Joy's comments stem from her maybe being a little bit intimidated by Carolyn??? It just seems to me that she was trying to "devalue" who Carolyn is. That would tick me off, too!
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    I can totally understand why she woudl be offended (though I didn't see the segment). I'm sure she's had to work extrememly hard to get where she is, and despite the fact that she really is beautiful, you can tell she is extremely intelligent, and has great business sense. I think her comments in the boardroom are always right on target, the most intelligent, and I'm always interested in what she has to say.
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    Now I remember why I never watch this show. I may never rid my mind of the image of Star Jones doing Pilates.

    Carolyn looked fabulous, and I commend her for not smacking Joy for those unbelievably rude comments. Other than that, not a terribly interesting interview. And damn, our boy Troy is lookin' good - yes, ma'am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justvisiting
    Oh gawd. They're showing Star Jones doing her "exercise workout". I feel sick.

    Come on, bring out Carolyn and George already.
    Thank GOD I didn't watch.
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    I think that Carolyn is pretty but, I think that she is very intelligent, hard working and probably had go climb pass many in the "boys club". *Although, not all men are sexist.*

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    Carolyn is very pretty, did anyone notice how slim she is, and a princess Di lookalike for sure. Yes, she was a bit put off by the comments today.

    They even questioned her not being comfortable in her suits, which she said she was comfortable and likes wearing them.

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    Those women sound a little catty to me. Was that the best interview they could have with someone who is successful in business who works for Donald Trump?

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