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Thread: What makes a Great final episode?

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    What makes a Great final episode?

    I'm working a theory here of what if the last show is not about who performed well, or who will be a great CEO. What if it is about what makes a ratings windfall? Sex sells -- so what if they pit Amy and Nick against each other for the final episode. High drama, no doubt. It's all in the editing, and they started to tease about the romance Valentine's week. Creative editing keeps this in the dialog -- it may be that in the course their 24-hour-day it only comes up occasionaly, but it has become more and more of a focus on air. I wouldn't be surprised if the fired contestants like Katrina aren't encouraged or even compensated to keep it stirred up to increase ratings and print coverage. Based on this brainstorm, I'm predicting that K and B are fired next week, leaving the final episode to be a combo lovers' quarrel and fight to the death!

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    Oh Chehan, I hope that doesn't happen. I'll be very .....mad.

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    Well, it's been proven that Americans have outgrown regular reality tv -- nowadays, it's all about the TWISTS. And I think that one of the reasons why The Apprentice works out so well is because the boardroom features lots of in-depth fighting, calculating, analyzing who should be eliminated.

    Some things I'd like to see:

    --Bill finally freaking out on someone to their face, NOT the camera.

    --Amy making a HUGE (excuse me, YOOOGE) mistake and proving, once again, that when the chips are down she can't be counted on.

    --Nick revealing that Amy was the only one who fell prey to the romance -- preferably falling apart in front of Trump, causing her to be FIRED!

    Here are my predictions, based on everything my fellow-reality-junkies say:

    --After boardroom, Bill and Nick are eliminated.
    --Kwame gets assigned to run a Jessica Simpson concert, with Omarosa as his assistant.
    --Amy gets assigned to run a golf tournament, with Troy as her assistant.

    Also, there's video on the web site of Kwame and Omarosa taking a carriage ride in Central Park together. It wasn't romantic -- she's married -- but it shows that they were friends to some degree.

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