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Thread: Question about Editing

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    Oh, I totally agree with everyone --

    EVERYTHING about Amy and Nick is shown.

    TONS of The Donald's boardroom comments are added in.

    You know, I know it has to be done for ratings' sake, but I wish it didn't make me feel so stupid. :phhht

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    That's the nature of "reality" television. The stories, situations and emotions are created in in Post-Production. If you want REAL then you should have gone to New York last Fall and hung out with the Apprentices to hear the real story. All of these reality show are the same way.

    Still, I love the Apprentice, and it's my favorite reality show. I consider it the "Thinking Man's Survivor"

    You've got to remember that they have to go through hundreds of hours of tape just to get 44 minutes of video for the show. In episode 12, the losers were in the boardroom at 9:24. So they condensed about 16 hours of work into about 15 minutes of TV. In the Planet Hollwood episode, the task was over by 9:30 too. They took 2 days of selling, and crammed it into about 20 minutes of TV time. It's crazy.

    I'm waiting for the Apprentice to come on DVD, including a bonus disc of "the stuff we couldn't show you!" That would be sweet!

    The botton line is... don't forget the "TV" in Reality TV. NBC's job is to make money by selling advertising time to companies. These companies only want their products shown on channels where lots of people are watching. And by making the shows interesting... more people will watch. So, Nick/Amy and Omorosa are an advertisers wet dream!

    Michael Scrip

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