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Thread: POLL: Who will be voted out tonight?

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    Even though I like Nick, I think he will be the one to go. I saw a commercial today with Trump on some show or another and the comment was made about Amy possibly hooking up with someone else. I think for that to happen Nick would need to be the one to go.

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    Going with the others, and I even thought about this on my own... Nick... he has a big mouth.. lol..

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    I'll play the devil's advocate here and root for Nick tonight since he's getting bashed so badly in everyone's predictions for who is getting fired.

    I want to see Amy sent home for no other reason than that she annoys me.

    Troy is going to win the whole thing anyway, so who cares who gets fired tonight!

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    Originally posted by Italian Idol
    I am a huge Charles Grigsby fan. I like him and Ricky Smith. I'm surprised you picked up on the sig line. I used to have who itwas quoted by but I removed it thinking no one would know who he is.
    Not at all -- Charles Grigsby has tons of fans who are still supporting him. That quote always stuck with me because it truly sums up Charlie so succinctly -- he is the most humble and appreciative guy you could hope to meet. I am one of his biggest fans. PM me if you'd like to know what he's been working on lately.

    Back to the topic at hand, I was greatly saddened that Troy was fired last night -- I had so hoped it would be Nick. Congratulations to all those who correctly predicted Troy. His positive final words were certainly a stark contrast to alot of the previously fired candidates. Very classy exit. (If Trump were smart, he'd harness Troy's raw talent by hiring him for a mid-management job to give Troy that time to refine his great instincts and ideas while polishing his skills.)

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