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Thread: Episode 12 Recap: Only Is A Lot

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    My family went to see the waterfall yesterday while staying at the Trump Tower, but it was under construction. lol.

    Great job!

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    Reality? Really?
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    Wayner, I have to say, "You're fired."

    Just kidding! I thought your recap was hilarious!
    Forget the chicken soup. Just stick with the Nyquil!

    I don’t want anyone reading this, coming to the end, and saying “You know, for a clownfish, he’s not that funny.”
    Donald, put down the Flowbie and slowly back away.
    We’re forced to endure the Fanfare From Hell (yes, I’m revising my version of Hell; Celine and Barbara would be welcomed to the stage with this horrendous sound)
    Mark Brown, determined to make the most of his lone episode of the series, had a lot to say. “I thought your whole concept of the car, the black and white balloons, what is that? You saw the other team; people were having fun. They were laughing, spinning the wheel, having a great time. They’re coming back to the Taj Mahal.” I’m sure that off camera, Donald made sure that Mark was aware that it’s “Trump Taj Mahal.”

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    Great recap Wayner , very funny indeed!
    Hope you feel better soon; here's some more Nyquil for you

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    Welcome Back Wayner!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    I don’t want anyone reading this, coming to the end, and saying “You know, for a clownfish, he’s not that funny.”

    Sadly, those are the only members of the show I can remember other than Skeletor and Evilyn, and they weren’t Masters of the Universe, they were bad guys.

    You’d Think It Was Niagra Falls

    And given that this incredible Wonder of the Modern World is now known to you, how many of you are already changing your Summer vacation plans to head to Manhattan so you can gaze at the waterfall and ponder it’s magnificence? Yeah, me neither.
    Some interesting observations:

    Bill informs us that he was shocked that he was picked to join Protégé. He feels that he and Troy have completely opposite styles, and he doesn’t like the way Troy does business. Apparently Bill is still sulking a little over the apartment rental loss several weeks back.
    If you pay close attention (as I do esp. when Boyfriend Bill is on screen) You'll notice that this shot was filmed when Kwame and Troy had left him to tweak the nitty grittys while both of them go pick a tigger. POOH!

    Bill tells us that quantity of gamblers isn’t what will win this contest; it’s quality, which is why he’ll be making a major push to get high-rollers to register with Protégé. Between that comment and Mr. Brown’s brilliant observation that customers just want to have fun (and man do I hope that little sound bite doesn’t start a Cyndi Lauper revival), I feel like I’m being beaten about the head with The Obvious.
    I agree it was as obvious as :deadhorse, yet no one else seem to have recognized it. What was their selection criteria per IQ again?

    I found Nick's pout when Amy torted Bill her biggest competition hilarious!

    Great job Wayner!

    I am sorry your episode numbers got mixed up due to the recap episode.

    Feel well soon!

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    Great Recap!

    My Husband wasnt home to see the show, so now I can e-mail him a copy so he isnt missing anything! (if thats alright with you)

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    wayner......what a great recap......to remind us of the point of the show....the best will succeed....well ok when your boss in as anal as Donald seems to be ....maybe his vision is cloudy.....but Wayner...even on nyquil and typing with a blankie...its great ty....

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    wayner---you can--never--ever--use too may hypens.....or elipses......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    The phone rings, and Kwame (who thankfully had the decency to put on some pants) answers.
    mmm I definitely wouldn't have minded seeing Kwame in a towel... or nothing, but then that would be a different show.

    Excellent Recap Wayner. Hope you are feeling better.

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    How Wayner got his groove back!

    Great recap Wayner!
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Good one Wayner. However, I thought you forgot to point out what nice couples that the last six made standing there in front of the great water falls. You know, Nick and Amy, Katrina and Bill, Kwame and Troy. It would have been a great ep for Love Boat.

    I just got over the crud. It was miserable. I can relate man.

    Feel better.....


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