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Thread: Preview: Episode 12 Aired: April 1, 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kai5925
    I think Nick and Amy must lose, because I can't imagine Trump saying "You should've kept your mouth shut" to Troy, Bill, or Kwame.

    But then again, I was surprised when Carolyn yelled at Heidi.
    When did Carolyn yell at Heidi?

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    I have a feeling Trump gets mad at whoever tells a property investor about the dangerous, headache causing, concrete chips that fall from the ceiling.

    I'm going to take a wild guess that the reward might be The Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort, which is both exotic and gives you a nauseating punch of the Trump trademark weve all grown to accept.

    Look at the lovely pool in the shape of The Donalds haircut:

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    "Star candidate falls from grace" could just mean that while they were having dinner and saying grace, one of them leaned forward a little too much and...

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    All signs point to Nick going down next week. I would say it's a classic MB ruse, but with only 5 canditates remaining it might be legit. In any case Nick probably says something he shouldn't have, and both Amy and DT point it out. I have a feeling Nick will have a "corporate ethics" moment at the wrong time. He's already played that card, would be interesting to see how it plays out if he's on the loosing end of a mission because of it.

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    That just seems to obvious. The preview showed Amy telling Nick to shut up. It would seem perfect for him to get fired.

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    No one has commented on the last bit of the preview: the losers face a hard decision in the boardroom. That could mean that the losers witness DT making a hard decision in the boardroom or that the losers themselves must make a hard decision in the boardroom. what kind of decision does the loser get to make at that stage? Who to send back and who to keep. If it's that--then the losers are the three boys b/c there would be no decision with just Nick and Amy.

    I do agree that it seems like Nick is the candidate that the preview points to, but if DT follows his pattern, Amy's gone. If the losers are the three boys, then I think it will boil down to performance at this task. There's not one stronger player than the others--they've all had times of great success and/or DT has shown that he especially likes them.

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    Hmmm... I didn't consider that facing a hard decision in the boardroom meant DT's decision. That's good! I immediately thought of Kwame and Troy and one of them possibly selecting the other to join them in the boardroom. But, I highly doubt either of them would bring the other in because I think they hold each other in very high regard - even moreso than Bill. So I'm going to eliminate that being the hard decision. And I believe it will be Troy's turn to lead, so Bill wouldn't be making the hard decision. Unless DT asks Bill to decide who he thought was the worst performer! Who knows what Bill would say in that case! All I know is Troy has to stay. He's just too good all around.

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    Bill doesn't like Troy, but Troy is active and Kwame is passive. And Troy did a good job on the last real estate task so he's likely to be competent at this one too. I think it would be a very hard decision for Bill.

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    I'm thinking if Protege loses, Kwame is gone.
    If Versacorp loses, I think Nick is out.

    The shocker will be if Troy is fired. That will disappoint a lot of people.

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    I dont' have a clue. I only know that the recap show has thrown off my recap numbering, and I'm bitter.

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