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Thread: Who do you WANT to win & THINK will win?

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    This is a tough one, given what we have seen so far. Somehow I don't think The Donald will think very much of Amy and Nick "playing" each other. It's just not very professional. It would certainly make me think twice if I were in his position. But I could be wrong about this one.

    I'm thinking that Nick and Amy both go next for this background reason that has nothing at all to do with their performance during the next assignment. This leaves a showdown between Bill and Kwame, both under the radar types.

    Kwame: Harvard MBA - The Donald prizes a great education, he and two of his three children are Wharton grads, the youngest will probably end up there after Georgetown.

    Bill: Entrepreneur - Developed his own successful business from the ground up.

    I think this will be a tough call for The Donald if these are the last two. I just think he will go with Bill because of his more well-rounded business experience.

    Wanted to Win: Troy (even though I took exception to some of his less ethical moments, I'm a sucker for the underdog)

    Will Win: Bill
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    After re-watching last night's show and reading the posts (this thread and the others) (you guys are good) (real good)...it's a no brainer.

    Kwame will win. He's a 100% class act combined with excellent education, perfect Trump material - and will be with the perfect people to bring out the best in him...

    think about it...he's been 100% class the ENTIRE time and towards the last episode, it sounds like he's finally starting to get it across to Bill and Troy that it was a job interview.

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    Who do I think deserves to win by now: Bill
    Who do I want to win: Bill

    Who do I think will win: Kwame

    Trump made clear where his priorities were in the boardroom last night. Kwame has the pedigree necessary to fill that priority.
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    Who do I want to win before : Troy (I'm still sad about he's gone now)
    Who do I want to win now : Bill
    Who do I think will win : Amy (And I don't like that at all)

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    I want Bill to win-now that Troy is gone anyway. :phhht

    Who do I think will win? I dunno. But Amy better not win! Kwame either or Nick, I don't like them. Kwame because he's a slacker a lot of the time, Amy because she's a liar, Nick because he thinks he's too smart. Bill seems well rounded and smart. But my favorite was always Troy! Aww, I miss him...

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    Bill will win!

    Bill will win.

    It is going to be Kwame and Bill in the final episode. Bill has more leadership abilities than Kwame. Bill has successfully started and then sold a profitable cigar business. Kwame has been successful but in the arena of working for a corporation. Bills leads on his own merits. Kwame surrounds himself with leaders who do the work for him, just like he did in Atlantic City.

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