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Thread: Katrina's media appearances

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    I just saw the today show interview.

    She really has it in for Amy. It seemed to me like the interview was more about Amy than Katrina! She also said she thinks Nick will win it all since he can manipulate Amy. It sounded like she picked Nick to win just to spite Amy heh.

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    Reporter: So, Katrina, tell me about the show.

    Katrina: AMY IS SUCH A BIATCH!!!

    Reporter: Um...so you're from New York originally?

    Katrina: Amy is from Texas.

    Reporter: Amy? Are you really Amy wearing a Katrina mask or something?

    Katrina: Amy is going to manipulate you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    And it's not Troy (married), and it's not Sam (engaged).

    Assuming it's a male cast member...Bowie? Jason? Kwame? David? I couldn't picture her with any of them.
    It's intuitively obvious. You need to look no farther than the star of the show.

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    why does she keep calling herself the hot one??? where did she get this idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    And she's been offered deals to promote hair products and razors.

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    SoCal Fan
    In response to Katrina's statement about Amy romantically dumping Nick and moving on to another cast member: Someone on this forum, I do not remember in which thread, stated that Amy and Bill were spotted in a restaurant together looking as if they were sharing a very romantic evening.

    If anyone recalls the gossip-rich details of the supposed Amy and Bill love tryst; please feel free to share the details.

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    Yeah, I just saw Ms. Katrina on Extra a couple hours ago. She said the two people she wouldn't invite to her wedding would be Omarosa and Amy. I think she should include Trump in there-he fired her!

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    She put Omarosa and Amy on the same level.

    Oh yeah, Katrina, we want to hear more of your inane babbling now. Please, fill us with your infinite wisdom.

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    i don't know who keeps telling Katrina that she looks good

    she looks like a damn rat, not to mention how annoying she was, i was glad when she got tossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal Fan
    Katrina was just on Fox News. She's definitely got a bitter edge to her; especially when it comes to Nick and Amy's romantic relationship...She actually goes as far as to tell Fox News that Amy has "moved on to another cast member." (From reading many of the threads on this site, I'm certain that Bill is the person that Katrina alluded to.)
    Just now on Access Hollywood, she explicitly said that Amy had sex with two of the other cast members from the show--one during, and one after.

    Oh yeah, and she talks about how much Amy used sexuality in her favor, but was sitting the interview chair in a leeetle spaghetti-strapped bodice with her boobs popping out.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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