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Thread: Double standard?

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    I was wondering also if maybe Troy had made a deal with Heidi to bring her to the boardroom- Heidi seemed like she wanted to go and was ready to get back to her old job. I think she was relieved that she was fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nextlife
    Troy didn't say that at all! I heard him say something like this '... Kwame and I have been together from the beginning and we always said that if one of us was the weakest link, by golly, he's the weakest link.' I took that to mean that IF Troy thought Kwame was the weakest link, he'd have to say so.
    That's exactly what happened.

    But Troy didn't think that, so he picked Heidi.
    Which shouldn't be THAT surprising, IMO. I think the fact that Kwame didn't make any money while riding the cab, was offset by the fact that Heidi was was giving customers dirty looks, and rude comments while trying to sell fares on the street. That was the laziest effort I've ever seen from Heidi.

    Something to consider...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarpias
    Ok, I am Troy fan, (even though i am Greek, you have to be pretty well literate to get the joke, but I digress) but I think the weakest link speech was [mod edit]. He had a deal with Kwame and that was obvious.

    What I think made the difference is that Troy had some shining moments in the last couple of weeks, and Heidi really didn't. Ereka didn't have the advantage with ass-kiss Nick, and that was her downfall. Also picking between Kwame and Heide was a much closer call than the obvious Nick vs. Katrina choice. DT and the board may have thought it was unfair to put Nick in jeopardy, because he did the best job, chosing Hedi or Kwame would be a toss.

    But I dont think the Troy/Kwaame thing was anything like the Ereka/Katrina thing. There was no malice involved with Troy's decision. Plus, the person he brought into the boardroom DID deserve to be there. If Heidi and Kwaame both were equally dissapointing in performance, then Troy's choice to give Kwaame a pass makes even more sense. In that case--loyalty does win out.

    Ereka involved an innocent person in a situation, plus she twisted the facts in order to provide her argument. Even if Nick did perform poorly in his sales attempts, Trump is not going to give someone a reprieve if they clearly were trying to manipulate a situation because of their personal agenda.
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    My impression of Ereka's boardroom was that DT didn't like the fact that she brought Bill in there. He knew that Bill was the reason for making a majority of the deals and deserved to get the pass. That's why he completely sided with Bill and said he was safe. If Ereka had ANY kind of valid reason for bringing Bill in, I don't think he would have reacted so defensively on Bill's part. And if Ereka had cited Nick not for being bad in sales, but difficult to deal with in general, I think even if it would have been Katrina and Nick in there, DT would have fired Nick. But Ereka's reasons were completely illogical. Plus she was annoying in general.

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