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Thread: The firing pattern

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    The firing pattern

    Has anyone paid attention to the pattern of firings we've had? When it was women vs. men, the men lost four straight and the women were unstoppable. Ever since they integrated, though, it's been women fired all the way. The four men who made it through the initial carnage are still there, but now the women have been decimated, and went from a 2-1 advantage to being outnumbered 2-1. Sure, we saw the drama building on the women's team pre-shuffle, but it didn't affect their performance until things shifted up.

    I don't know what kind of commentary to make about this, but watching the recap last night really put it into stark contrast. Weird.

    Maybe it's just that Amy really is that good.

    -- Joe

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    I think what happend was that more of the men were better canidates on an individual basis than the women.
    I think the women worked better as a team.
    I reliase that is subjective, but if you look at the entire season, the people who could realistically win would be Nick, Bill, Troy and Amy.

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    This subject's been hashed out in at least 10 previous threads. Can we move this to the "Statistics" thread, at least?

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