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Thread: After Trump finishes hosting Apprentice, who would make a suitable replacement?

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    SoCal Fan

    After Trump finishes hosting Apprentice, who would make a suitable replacement?

    My top 10 picks: (both the noble and the ignoble and not necessarily in any order)

    (1) Bill Gates (every geek's role-model)
    (2) Oprah Winfrey (every human being's role model)
    (3) Michael Eisner or Michael Ovitz (representing the dark side of Hollywood)
    (4) Warren Buffett (he's just so damned rich!!!)
    (5) Martha Stewart (you know it would make for good TV!!)
    (6) Rubert Murdoch or Ted Turner (eccentric media moguls also make for good TV)
    (7) Richard Branson (Virgin Records) or Russell Simmons (DefJam Records)
    (8) Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt
    (9) Any living former U.S. president (I didn't like him as prez, but Clinton would be interesting. Monica Lewinsky could make a guest appearance and tell us the difference between what an Apprentice does vs. a White House Intern...hmmm)
    (10) Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, or any other sleaze bag from the junk-bond era would also make for good TV.
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    I don't think I want to see a show hosted by Bill Gates.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Of course, Trump will never "finish hosting" this show as long as they care to run it. His ego is too large to ever give up something that's moderately successful and gets him time in front of a camera.

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    Where did anyone get the information that he was going to stop hosting the show or that it would go on without him? Whether it continues for one more season or 5 or 10, when he's done it's over, although I'm sure copycat shows will occasionally pop up.

    Aside from not having time or interest in doing the show, I can't see any of the people listed as host, or anyone else for that matter. That's like asking who we would like to host Oprah when she retires or moves on.

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    SoCal Fan
    The original post was a somewhat subjective post in which to invite conversation about who may be interesting as an alternative host should the show linger on after Trump's interest in the show wanes....after all, many popular shows do continue on after the stars that have made the shows famous have moved on to bigger and better things.

    I hope that in no way that I implied that Trump was abandoning the show in any way, apologize if having done so, and perhaps I should have clarified my intentions for this thread with more clarity when I originally typed it.

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    John. He could say, "your banned" I mean "your fired". or maybe Simon Cowell.
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    I pretty much think Donald IS the show. The apprentices are fun to watch, but don't we mostly watch to see what has happened to Donald's hair, or if he fires them in a more, or less, deamatic way. No one else could do the show nearly as well.

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    not a star, not an elf StarryElf's Avatar
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    I had heard a rumor that Trump wasn't going to be in the show next season, just sponsor it. But I can't find anything to back that up right now. Honestly, I think the show wouldn't be half as good without Trump, even though I'm not really a fan of his.

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    I truly don't know where all these rumors and speculation about Trump not doing the show are coming from - or why. It's not as if he has been doing the show for 10 years - it's a new show, and a hit! He has said it's an easy, fun gig and that (in addition to all the publicity and notoriety) he gets paid a tremendous amount of money for it - which I'm sure is true.

    Trumps role in the next season will be the SAME:

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    FORT Fanatic Elle's Avatar
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    I am not a big fan of Donald Trump but I don't think the show will be the same without him saying "You are fired".

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