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Thread: Only 2 women left. Is sexism at work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LalahLand
    Note Carolyn's reaction in the boardroom to the men vs. women.

    Please explain.

    Also, I've noticed that George is VERY tough in general, especially on the men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo

    the game has played out perfectly so far- the most deserving bootees have gone at about the time they should have
    I agree--the most talented people are still there (I'd switch Heidi with Katrina, but Katrina's only still here because her team won).

    I don't know if it was just poor contestant selection, but Amy is the only woman I can see winning--and I've felt that way for some time. The other women had too many liabilities. It was obvious that Tammy and Omarosa had to go, and to a lesser extent, Katrina (whiny) and Erika (emotional). On the men's side, Sam was the only obvious one to let go. There were men and women who were nice enough, but just weren't of the same caliber as the others (Jason, Bowie, Jesse, Christine???(the restaurant owner).

    At the moment, Amy is my favorite, followed closely by Troy and Bill. I guess I'd rank Nick above Kwame, but, man, I just don't like Nick. I like Kwame, but I think Nick has shown better leadership skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo

    especially if it's a Priapism!.....
    Oh, no you didn't!!! LOL

    I don't believe that there is sexism at work because there are fewer women left in the competition.

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    I am with Krom; if there was sexism at play, it was at casting stage (choosing a few emotional princesses). But when Trump fires someone, it is for the right reasons.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LalahLand
    I just had to say something about this! How ironic it is that the women, who were clearly going to continue beating the men over and over again were it not for the merge, are now less than half of the remaining contestants. Does anyone think sexism is playing a role in all this? I happen to think that the women were way more qualified than the men.
    I don't think it is ironic. I think it is coincidence.

    I believe you can find any -ism that you are looking for in nearly any situation, if you have your mind set on finding it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    I believe you can find any -ism that you are looking for in nearly any situation, if you have your mind set on finding it.
    Exactly. Personally, I think these women have enough going on that they don't need to play the sexism card. As annoying as some of the personalities may be (that goes for the men as well as the women, btw) they were all successful pre-Trump and I'm sure they will continue to be after the dust from this show settles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LalahLand
    Does anyone think sexism is playing a role in all this?
    I have to agree with those saying "no." Based on what we've seen, I believe each person who's gone has had a good reason to go, and those reasons were not based on gender or TV ratings appeal (well, not as *much* on TV ratings appeal ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo

    especially if it's a Priapism!
    awwww geez Quinn!! I just looked that up, thanks for the mental image
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    This has actually been an interest of mine for quite some time, and something I've been paying close attention to on the show for the last several episodes.

    I could be wrong on this, and I could be misremembering...but unless I'm mistaken, when the teams were segregated by gender, no woman was fired, only men. Then the teams merged, and since that point, no man has been fired, only women.

    Episode 1: David. Episode 2: Jason. Episode 3: Sam. Episode 4: Bowie.


    Episode 5: Kristi. Episode 6: Jessie. Episode 7: Tammy. Episode 8: Ereka. Episode 9:Omarosa. Episode 10: Heidi.

    I don't want to argue for sexism, because I have never been a great fan of the tendency to rush to blame prejudice for something that is quite clearly the fault of the individual. However, that's a pretty pronounced difference. No man has been fired since the merge. Before the merge, only men were fired, because they consistently lost.

    Now, there've been some pretty stupid women who've done some pretty stupid things. There's been some terrible backbiting -- did Kristi deserve to be fired? Would she have been fired if Jessie hadn't told her to stay silent and then turned on her? You haven't seen that nonsense on the men's side. But it's still something worth considering.


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    Maybe not sexism but a different phenomenon at work: the power of an all-female company. I've been thinking about it quite a bit since those first few episodes. With 4+ attractive women plus one or two good leaders/strategic thinkers the all-female team was amazing at anything they did.

    But the second the sexes were mixed I could just see the more common male-female social order kick in. The women ceeded leadership to the men even when it wasn't especially warranted. The men and women started flirting. With mixed sexes all of a sudden the two companies started to look like...well...real life.:-)

    Makes me wonder what an all-female company could do in the real world.

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