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Thread: Wall Mural in The Suite

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    Wall Mural in The Suite

    I really like that wall mural in the Suite.

    From the NBC website, it credits Brian Hunt Studios in L.A. with creating the "Cartoon Blue City Business" mural.

    They don't have a website listed where we can see more of their work, and I tried searching the internet but came up with diddly-squat.

    Does anybody here know Brian Hunt and where we can see more of his work?

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    Hi...I have trouble posting links sometimes....but I found his web site...

    not surprisingly its


    I hope thats helpful

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    there were also a couple of links to things he had done in other public places on a yahoo seach...using brian hunt and art as the descriptors.....

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    I can't believe I didn't try the most obvious solution ... adding dot com after his name.
    Thanks, museumguy.
    I just did a Google search and got nothing. Didn't try Yahoo.
    Now I'm going to do a search for my brain.

    Thanks again ...

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    If you go the the main Apprentice site at nbc.com you'll see a link "The Suite". There are lots of photos and then you can click on priducts/services. Hope this helps.

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