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Thread: Omarosa Media Appearances

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    O worked for Al Snore and Bill "pass me the cigar" Clinton. Big Flying deal. You know how many campaign workers there are in these elections? She could have licked stamps (or something else). Is she one of those delusional people who thinks Al Gore got more votes in Florida? (More than a few liberal newspapers sent people to re-count after the fact to find out the results were correct.)

    Jay should have called her on it. Were you an advisor? Did you tell Hillary what to wear? or did you just pass out flyers and make phone calls. That phony b***ch, Al Gore couldn't identify her if she were in a line-up with Jesse Jackson, Janet Jackson, Al Sharpton and Carol Mosely Braun.

    By the way, Carolyn didn't fire her, Trump did. But I am sure that Carolyn is scared and threatened by a rude, obnoxious, delusional crybaby who folds under the tiniest bit of pressure.

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    O definitely is known by the Clintons and Gore. I've seen a few photographs of her with them.

    You know, in the very beginning of the first episode, I was impressed with her. She spoke well, she had ideas, and when Ereka wasn't doing a good job in leading and organizing the group and O tried to lead and organize I at least gave her credit for trying to step up. And when she pulled Tammy aside, I thought she was genuinely trying to help. But shortly afterwards, when Tammy confronted the group and tried to make amends, and O spoke to the camera about Tammy breaking her confidence, I realized she wasn't trying to help anyone but herself. She claims other people didn't accept her diversity, but she in fact didn't accept anyone else's. George was so right when he said "she's too easily put off when things don't go her way".

    I'm actually surprised the other girls in the group confronted her the way they did. Since the whole thing is supposed to be a "job interview" I think I would have just ignored her and not cause any trouble. Getting too emotional over peoples' stupid attitudes is not something a leader can do. And, just for comparison, I wouldn't classify Heidi as "emotional". I would classify her as passionate and driven. She speaks her mind with a focus only on achieving the goal, and like Troy, really tries to understand where other people are coming from. I like Heidi, but think she's better at sales than leading.

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    I was interested in comparing the two interviews from Friday's Today show and last night's Leno... Pretty obvious she has rehearsed her "speech" many times. Same wording, phrasing, etc. I had to keep a bucket close by during the Leno appearance...thought I would toss my cookies every time the woman did her fake laugh/giggles. Way too over the top for me! Insincerity at every turn. If she had been that "charming" during her time on The Apprentice, she wouldn't have been as entertaining, but may have deluded some of her competition. I'm still amazed at her total arrogance and self-serving demeanor. I am not the "corporate" type and have no experience in the realm of big business, but believe that competition and the drive to pursue excellence doesn't have to have rude behaviors and bad manners as a basis for success. All of her comments about creative editing by the production staff aside, (that is certainly done a lot), but the camera is only recording what is happening -- she made the comments she made, acted the way she did, behaved within the limits of her own personality. Unless the program is being edited by the CIA or other covert groups, I believe her antics were portraying exactly what she is. Her "interviews" simply confirmed what the viewers saw. AND aren't her choices of "friends" a rather interesting listing??? I was always told by my parents that a person "is known by the friends they keep". "Dramarosa" has a long way to go in this world. 15 minutes of fame are certainly fleeting...

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    Does anyone know where I can get the video of the Leno show?

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    NextLife, sorry I can't help out on the video.

    I'm not really trying to beat a dead horse, but a couple of O's comments in the interviews were interesting to me. [I' paraphrasing -- so please excuse my interpretation] Today show: she basically said that no woman (other than herself) could win, because Donald Trump viewed the woman as "eye candy" (Bam! to you DT)
    Leno show: commenting about what her grandmother had called to tell her. Jay's response was that it sounded as though she was "dissing her grandmother". (Wham!)
    In an earlier post, the writer said that the audience seemed lukewarm toward her. I totally agree. From the entrance with the "pageant strut" to the constant touching of Tom Arnold's hand, the grinning/giggling, and just trying waaaayyyy too hard to be witty and charming, it was just over-kill for me. (Yes, it's being picky and I obviously need to get a life!!!)
    I realize my opinions are simply my own, but it's good to get these things off my feeble brain. My family (spouse & kids) aren't into this program and so the only ones listening besides myself are the pets. They don't comment too much!!!

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    I can't believe I missed it! For being an image consultant ... she's really digging a hole for herself! But some people I'm sure buy into her superiority complex.

    Norwich, respond to my new thread about who you would want to work For. I think we're the only people on now.

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    Personally, I still love Omarosa. The expirence didnt change her and I love that she is one tough cookie.

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    Can you say lawsuit ..... plaster has turned into cement ... an apartment that needed some fixing up has turned into a "construction site" without hardhats ... I think Dramarosa has consulted a lawyer and is spinning the story .....

    Her 15 minutes of fame are over and she needs to fade into oblivion ....

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    Yeah, she obviously hasn't changed one bit since the show and is still delusional and in denial that she was/is a b*tch and that she thinks she actually was the most serious threat for the top job.

    Tom Arnold was hilarious, she told him her husband was a teddy bear, 'shy and quiet' ...
    he replied 'No he's not, he's scared to death!!'

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    At least O is consistant. She maintains her arrogance and superior attitude to both one of the richest, most influential people around, and with Leno. I can only imagine that if she ever came in contact with the Clintons (I say if because the picture I saw looked really fake), she probably treated them with the same disdain she treats everyone with. This is a no doubt b***h. She is the best reason I've seen in a while for voting Republican!

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