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Thread: Omarosa Media Appearances

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikka
    I just saw the interview on line, thanks SoCal.

    She kept making excuses! these kind of people just don't get it! :phhht
    What excuses did she give? I'm confused... Nevermind

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    From the Tonight Show:

    The piece of plaster has now morphed into a piece of cement. It apparently happened "on Day One while we were in Mr. Trump's building, without any hardhats." She had a concussion for a week, and she never whined or complained. And even though she was only functioning at 40%, she still out-worked her team-mates. She said that Carolyn must have been afraid of her, because she never looked Omarosa in the eye. And she thinks the reason she's gone is that she was the biggest threat.

    Good lord, where do I start? Omarosa - you weren't on Survivor. Your tribe didn't vote you off for being a threat. You were fired by The Donald because he doesn't want you in charge of one of his companies.

    Carolyn is afraid of you? Puh-leeze. You're a legend in your own mind.

    You were working at 40%? That's funny - on the Today Show this morning you said 70%. (You know, sticking to the truth would be easier - you don't have to remember what you say.)

    The injury occured on day one? So it wasn't the plaster incident from the apartment-selling episode? And you were playing B-ball 4 days later, even though the concussion lasted a week?

    And you never whined or complained? I must've dreamt those scenes.

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    i know there's rumors of pending lawsuits- she fueled that rumor a little bit by stating that they were all at the job site without safety equipment or hard hats... and she gave a little wink and a smile to the camera!
    man i hope she goes away and we never hear from her again!

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    I don't like Tom Arnold at all, but tonight I did. He wasn't buying Omarosa's story one bit. Did you all catch Tom say that Omarosa faked the head injury?

    She is delusional. Carolyn afraid of Omarosa? Um, no. Omarosa the biggest threat? Again, no. A concussion? Heck no. Lazy, self-centered, witchy? Oh yeah.

    And why am I not surprised that her husband is quiet and shy?

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    I actually love Tom Arnold! I felt that she dissed him a couple times, although she may have thought she was being funny. But you're right. He wasn't buying her crap.

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    Thanks for the recap Qboots, I missed the show.

    I think both team wanting to grab strong players (like Amy) is indication they have no wish to get rid of the biggest threat, i.e. the best players, from their team.

    And the % goes from 70 to 40 because everytime she retells the story, it gets exagerrated even more. Watch the "cement" grow into a massive boulder the size of a meteorite by the end of this week.

    Never whined or complaint? She's still complaining right now, a few months later...

    It must be nice to be Omarosa sometime and live in a bubble world (the Omarosa la la land) so removed from reality. God these interviews just make her look worst - she doesn't even realize she's not convincing anybody.

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    I just watched this. (Omarosa on Leno) SHEESH!!!! From her pageant strut out there, to the end, it was awful. Self-confidence is one thing, but that girl is downright arrogant, delusional, and rude. (and a few other words, too) First she refers to Tom Arnold's show as the "Dumbass Sports Show" then goes on about how maybe she should be on it since she was an athelete AND played Junior Olympic volleyball, upgrades the plaster to cement, comments on the lack of hardhats or protective gear, downgrades her working capacity to 40%, says she is the strongest player, thinks Carolyn is scared of her (that she won't look her in the eye), comments on how she has worked for Al Gore and President Clinton, denies she has whined or complained.....and talks over top of everyone.
    I noticed that the audience really didn't respond to her, such as when she was making some comments about women and said something like "isn't that right ladies?" (something like that). You know how there is the old phrase "someone we all love to hate?" well I don't even think that applies...Johnny Fairplay from Survivor was someone that fit the "We love to hate him" category. Omarosa just leaves me cold...kind of like I almost feel sorry for her in her delusional state. (but I don't REALLY feel sorry for her.....I just find it amazing that she is so...well, delusional!)
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    The injury occured on day one? So it wasn't the plaster incident from the apartment-selling episode? And you were playing B-ball 4 days later, even though the concussion lasted a week?

    And you never whined or complained? I must've dreamt those scenes.
    And wasn't she jumping rope with kids outside the same day? :rolleyes
    "Blindsided, oh, friendship blindsided you're going home, home!" -Paul BB18

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    comments on how she has worked for Al Gore and President Clinton

    Oh yeah, i can see that.

    Omarosa: "Buying cigars, Mr. President? I happen to be a connaseuir of fine cigars...yes Mr. President, I think that brand would suit you perfectly. Yes, I think Ms. Lewinski would enjoy those too."

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    O isn't someone I love to hate. I just straight up hate her. I hate people like her because somehow they get to the position they are in, and they are so screwed up in the head that they think it's because they are such great people that the popularity/attention only encourages them to continue their f*ed up behavior. What is frustrating about people like O is that they don't realize the reason AND THE ONLY reason that a-hole people like her get the chance to be on tv is because they are SOOOOOOOOO unlikable that people watch the show because they destest them and enjoy the satisfaction of watching people with their low morals/poor work ethic/bad attitudes fail.

    I disliked her right from the jump... the whole "pot calling the kettle black" comment that she distorted into a racial comment which it is not in any way, and when dressed up in a super mini skirt and 6" strappy shoes and graciously said to The Big D's girlfriend "you are a lucky girl" when going to see their penthouse when the girls team won way back in biblical times. Why didn't she just tell her she wanted her man in plain english? Or wear one of those big carboard signs? Or just drag her suitcase up to the penthouse boardroom style?

    Bye Bye O... glad I got you fired on video!
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