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Thread: Who should Kwame and Troy pick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindafan16
    ..seperate the gurls...cause there are 2 of them ..and there should be one on each team

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    So it's starting to look more like Troy and Kwame pick Bill...

    ...making, perhaps, Protégé the stronger of the two teams?

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    Yes it's Bill! Actually, Kwame was the project manager once before with Bill on his team, so he probably felt comfortable with the choice. I know Troy had some words with Bill over (I think) the "gray line" morality of selling "Kwame goods", so I would suspect it was Kwame's suggestion and Troy went along with it. The really good news is that they are going to win this one!!! Someone in another thread surmised that DT finds out about Amy's and Nick's romance in the boardroom, and I think it when the losers' verdict is being decided, which would point to Nick's team! Go Troy!

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    Bill joins Kwame and Troy

    I saw in the previews how Amy was tired of Katrina using sex tactics and said something like "cut the sex !@#$ and let's talk business" I take it they are in the same team for the next task.
    My guess would be Bill joins Kwame and Troy.

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    Wenbenoit, that's exactly what I was thinking. Amy and Katrina are both involved in the same presentation. Then Amy interviews that she's tired of Katrina's same old approach. They apparently are on the same team, so neither were picked by Troy and Kwame.

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