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Thread: Who should Kwame and Troy pick?

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    Bill isn't boring, he is professional. I guess people prefer their reality tv stars to be demanding divas or arrogant jerks. But there is a real prize at stake here. I mean the $250K salary may be peanuts in comparison to the standard $1,000,000 prize, but salary is only the tip of the iceberg for the apprentice winner. Not only will the obligatory sitcom guest spots, commerical endorsement and appearences come to the winner but so will endless business opportunities that come from being associated with Trump. This will affect the winner for the rest of their life. So maybe the viewers enjoyment isn't the first thing on some contestants mind. Also Bill has come up with some of the more memorable lines from this series, so I really don't get the boring criticism. I am impressed with some of Bill's one liners and I know the guy. Plus his facial reactions when Omarosa was talking his ear off before she went into the boardroom were priceless. He had that "oh that's interesting, but why are you still talking to me" face down pat. People who think Bill is boring were probably rooting for Jesse.

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    I think it would be great if Kwame and Troy picked Bill for their next task.
    I like Bill too....he might just have the right stuff to take it to the end with DT.

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    C'mon guys that's an easy one.... pick Amy!

    Not because of Amy herself but because of what is going to be left to the other team:

    Bill x Katrina (fight fight fight) and Kwame (dull). Sounds like a looser team to me!

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    Because of DT's comments last time Amy was picked .. yet again.. I'd bet my last dollar that they don't choose Amy
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    Troy and Kwame can't pick a "popular" player like Amy anymore. Because if they lose they need a candidate who they know will be eliminated before them. That leaves Katrina.

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    I'm not sure that Trump would really respect that though... I think you need to pick the best player, and then win... Eventually you will have to out-do everyone anyway, and if Trump sees you picking someone that is weak, it won't look good.

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    I disagree, Trump would see the logic. He would think they're stupid if they picked Amy in fact. And I just can't see Troy picking one of the guys.

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    My first choice would be Amy, if not, then Bill.

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    At this point.. I doubt they're gonna pick a strong player...
    If they lose, they have a 2/3 chance of ending up in the boardroom...
    they're pick a weak player...

    Heres how I would look at it:

    If we pick a weak player..
    First task: lose (weak member gone)
    Second task: lose only 1 of us left
    (another reshuffle)
    At worst, 1/2 chance of survival if we picked a weak player

    If we picked a strong player...
    first task: lose (one of us could go before the strong)
    second task: lose (the other could also get fired before the strong)
    (another reshuffle)
    at worst, 0/2 chance of survival if we picked a strong player
    at best, 1/2 chance of survival if we picked a strong player

    I think it only makes sense to go with a weak player now

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    Katrina and make her the PM.

    Its a win-win-win for Troy.
    1. If Troy's team wins then either Amy, Nick or Bill would have to leave. (therby elminating 1 of the top 4. Plus is shows troy does not hold grudges)
    2. If they loose....
    A) She takes Troy to the firing. Troy says she let emotions get to her and that she held a grudge. Katrina gets fired
    B) She takes Kwame
    Then either Katrina goes or to-nice/to-weak Kwame goes and Troy never fired his friend.

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