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Thread: Heidi Media Appearances

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    The Trump and Heidi on The View

    Heidi and The Trump will be on The View this A.M.

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    Thanks very much. Could someone who sees it, post a summary here for those of us stuck at work? thx.

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    I will try to catch it and post something, I am not that great at writing summaries

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    I'm sure that you'll do your best. Thanks.

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    *Heidi and Donald say they love each other and kiss on the cheek

    *They bring up the Omarosa N word thing-And they both say its untrue. And donald said if it had happend it would be on TV

    *Heidi said the N word thing was a plubicity stit and says that Omarosa was always a liar

    *Star was very sensative to the N word subject, saying that Donald would Erika would have fired Erika

    *Joy has the "your fired-the donald" shirt and trump signs it

    *Donald says he actually says your fired to people

    *Heidi said it was fair for her to be fired

    *I believe they said Heidi's mom is going into sergery today

    *Trump said he would hire Heidi saying her strengh was sales

    *They talk about Caroline and how hard she is

    *They talk about women using their bodies, and Heidi says they didnt show the stratagizing part

    *Donald says Women have an advantage in sales

    *Donald says the women as a team did amazing, but when mixed with the men they took the back seat

    *Donald said he will give the person a good job and it hasnt been picked yet, it all depends on the person

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks AIWANNABE!

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    Reading your thoughts
    Donald said: 28 cameras on all the time, If the N word was said, it would have been recorded and they would have shown it.

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    **and says that Omarosa was always a liar**

    Prior to Omarosa telling Donald that Hideous had no class, she was telling the world that her and Omarosa got along great. Now she's saying that Omarosa has always been a liar. :rolleyes The way those women talk about Omarosa sounds like Jealousy to me, shrugs
    they were only invited to the view to discuss Omarosa , Which they do have a right to come on and defend themselves,

    but i guess no one really cares about their future endeavours huh?

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    I also saw the view and I think DT really like Heidi. When DT was asked if he would hire Heidi, he said it is "possible". I guess Heidi really impressed DT in her sales skills and may be working for the DT in the future.

    BTW, I think Heidi looked much better than she was in the show. Her makeup and hair fit her nicely.
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    I think DT had a soft spot for Heidi. If Nick is the junior version of Trump, than Heidi is the FEMALE junior version of Trump. If Trump were a young woman in 2004, he'd probably resort to heavy eye make-up and short skirts to promote himself, I don't doubt it.

    I give kudos to Heidi for her classy exit (what, 'Heidi' and 'classy' in the same sentence? But it's true . . .)--she embraced Troy, which is certainly the warmest thing a 'loser' has done so far. I think the remaining members of Protege (without Omarosa) had bonded, which made it hard for them to turn on each other gladiator-style in the boardroom. Heidi called Troy a bad word last night, but she did so privately, outside the BR. (tho not so privately that the camera failed to catch it) But it was more like the squabbling that siblings get into (when he said 'Ouuuuuuch' back) than a poisonous fight. Somehow I don't see Versacorp having a hard time turning on each other at a critical moment. Their words draw blood.

    Every single one of the tasks has been sales-oriented. Heidi calls herself such a sales woman, and yet did not distinguish herself in any of the tasks. I would have thought that the top sales rep in her district would have been more of a natural leader.

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