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Thread: Apprentice Statistics

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    Anemic Dog

    Apprentice Statistics

    The Apprentice lends itself well to the world of statistics, so I thought I'd compile a summary of the ten episodes we've seen so far.

    (Team selection - Protege has the eight women, Versacorp the eight men).

    1. Lemonade Sales

    Win: Protege (EREKA, Heidi, Katrina, Omarosa, Amy, Kristi, Jesse, Tammy) ~$750.
    Loss: Versacorp (TROY, Sam, David, Nick, Bill, Kwame, Bowie, Jason) ~$250.
    In Boardroom: TROY, Sam, David.
    Eliminated: David.
    MVP: Kristi, for leading the Red Shoe Diaries approach to lemonade sales.
    Reward: Tour of Trump's Apartment.

    2. Marquis Jet Presentation

    Win: Protege (AMY, Ereka, Heidi, Katrina, Omarosa, Kristi, Jesse, Tammy) Subjective Decision.
    Loss: Versacorp (JASON, Nick, Sam, Kwame, Bill, Bowie, Troy).
    In Boardroom: JASON, Nick, Sam.
    Eliminated: JASON.
    MVP: Amy, for aggressive leadership.
    Reward: Private Jet Flight/Dinner.

    3. Scavenger Hunt

    Win: Protege (JESSE, Amy, Ereka, Heidi, Katrina, Omarosa, Kristi, Tammy) -22%.
    Loss: Versacorp (SAM, Nick, Bill, Kwame, Bowie, Troy).
    In Boardroom: SAM, Kwame, Bowie.
    Eliminated: SAM.
    MVP: Amy, for her negotiations on the golf club.
    Reward: Dinner at the 21 Club.

    4. Planet Hollywood Restaurant Sales

    Win: Protege (KATRINA, Heidi, Amy, Jesse, Omarosa, Kristi, Tammy, Ereka) +31%.
    Loss: Versacorp (KWAME, Nick, Bill, Bowie, Troy) +7%.
    In Boardroom: KWAME, Bowie, Nick.
    Eliminated: Bowie.
    MVP: Heidi, for realizing alcohol is the key to profits.
    Reward: Visit to Trump Golf Course.

    (Team selection - Team leads Nick and Kristi choose sides)

    5. Flea Market Purchase and Sales

    Win: Versacorp (NICK, Bill, Katrina, Ereka, Tammy, Amy) ~$600.
    Loss: Protege (KRISTI, Kwame, Heidi, Troy, Omarosa, Jesse) ~($100).
    In Boardroom: KRISTI, Omarosa, Heidi.
    Eliminated: KRISTI.
    MVP: Nick, for leadership.
    Reward: Meeting with George Streinbrenner.

    6. Celebrity Auction

    Win: Versacorp (BILL, Nick, Katrina, Ereka, Tammy, Amy) $40,000.
    Loss: Protege (OMAROSA, Kwame, Heidi, Troy, Jesse) $35,000.
    In Boardroom: OMAROSA, Jesse, Heidi.
    Eliminated: Jesse.
    MVP: Ereka, for her effective work when Tammy was doing her best to emulate the Mole.
    Reward: The satisfaction of knowing how to pronounce Mizrahi.

    (Team selection - Protege chooses Amy to switch teams)

    7. Apartment Renovation and Rental

    Win: Protege (TROY, Amy, Omarosa, Heidi, Kwame) $1525/$1200.
    Loss: Versacorp (KATRINA, Nick, Bill, Ereka, Tammy) $1650/$1500.
    In Boardroom: KATRINA, Tammy, Bill.
    Eliminated: Tammy.
    MVP: Troy, for getting Katrina completely off her game.
    Reward: Picnic on the Grounds of a Trump Mansion.

    8. Trump Ice

    Win: Protege (HEIDI, Amy, Omarosa, Troy, Kwame) ~$6200.
    Loss: Versacorp (EREKA, Nick, Bill, Katrina) ~$4000.
    In Boardroom: EREKA, Nick, Bill.
    Eliminated: EREKA.
    MVP: Troy, for innovative sales ideas.
    Reward: Helicopter Flight over Manhattan (Heidi, Amy and Troy only).

    (Team selection - Versacorp chooses Amy to switch teams)

    9. The Gallery

    Win: Versacorp (NICK, Bill, Amy, Katrina) ~$13,600.
    Loss: Protege (KWAME, Heidi, Troy, Omarosa) ~$800.
    In Boardroom: KWAME, Heidi, Omarosa.
    Eliminated: Omarosa.
    MVP: Nick, for strong leadership in his choice of artists.
    Reward: No more Omarosa (Nick received ten minutes alone with Trump in his apartment).

    10. Rickshaw Rides

    Win: Versacorp (BILL, Nick, Amy, Katrina) ~$3600.
    Loss: Protege (TROY, Heidi, Kwame) ~$300.
    In Boardroom: TROY, Heidi.
    Eliminated: Heidi.
    MVP: Amy, for coming up with the idea to sell advertising on the rickshaws.
    Reward: Yacht Ride around Manhattan.

    The Numbers

    Leaders have been eliminated four times in ten boardrooms.
    The Women are 5-4 as leaders, the men are 5-6 (but 5-1 since the teams were rechosen).

    On the Winning Team

    Amy 10-0, 100%
    Tammy 6-1, 86%
    Katrina 8-2, 80%
    Kristi 4-1, 80%
    Ereka 6-2, 75%
    Omarosa 6-3, 67%
    Jesse 4-2, 67%
    Heidi 6-4, 60%
    Nick 4-6, 40%
    Bill 4-6, 40%
    Kwame 2-8, 20%
    Troy 2-8, 20%
    David 0-1, 0%
    Jason 0-2, 0%
    Sam 0-3, 0%
    Bowie 0-4, 0%

    Record as Leader

    Bill 2-0, 100%
    Nick 2-0, 100%
    Amy 1-0, 100%
    Heidi 1-0, 100%
    Jesse 1-0, 100%
    Katrina 1-1, 50%
    Ereka 1-1, 50%
    Troy 1-2, 33%
    Sam 0-1, 0%
    Jason 0-1, 0%
    Omarosa 0-1, 0%
    Kristi 0-1, 0%
    Kwame 0-2, 0%
    (Bowie, David and Tammy never led a team)

    Number of Times in Boardroom (final, not just as member of a team)

    Heidi 4 (chosen 4 times in 4 opportunities)
    Nick 3 (chosen 3 times in 6 opportunities)
    Kwame 3 (2 as leader, chosen 1 time in 6 opportunities)
    Sam 3 (1 as leader, chosen 2 times in 2 opportunities)
    Omarosa 3 (1 as leader, chosen 2 times in 2 opportunities)
    Troy 2 (2 as leader, chosen 0 times in 6 opportunities)
    Bowie 2 (chosen 2 times in 4 opportunities)
    Bill 2 (chosen 2 times in 6 opportunities)
    Jason 1 (1 as leader, chosen 0 times in 1 opportunity)
    David 1 (chosen 1 time in 1 opportunity)
    Katrina 1 (1 as leader, chosen 0 times in 1 opportunity)
    Ereka 1 (1 as leader, chosen 0 times in 1 opportunity)
    Tammy 1 (chosen 1 time in 1 opportunity)
    Jesse 1 (chosen 1 time in 2 opportunities)
    Kristi 1 (1 as leader, no opportunities to be chosen)
    Amy 0 (no opportunities)

    Trump Survivals (number of times in boardroom without being eliminated)

    Nick 3
    Kwame 3 (2 as leader)
    Heidi 3
    Bill 2
    Troy 2 (2 as leader)
    Sam 2
    Omarosa 2 (1 as leader)
    Katrina 1 (1 as leader)
    Bowie 1
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    I'm a big fan of numbers, very interesting, thanks. Who do you pick for the winner? Personality has to play a role, only because they want us to walk away liking the show, so we will show up for #2 and #3.

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    Great post Anemic... thanks for the stats.

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    So, since the teams split, no men have been eliminated, right? I find that interesting.

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    Very intersting post. Thank you for the work.

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    Like the rest.........I like seeing numbers and this helps. I would be surprised if Amy doesnt win.

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    Thanks Anemic Dog! I was hoping someone would do something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    So, since the teams split, no men have been eliminated, right? I find that interesting.
    I find that fair, considering the women won so many, that there were a lot of weak players on the women's team that weren't carrying the weight. Men went through a lot of boardroom meetings and weeded out a lot of the weak.

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    Love the stats - thanks for taking the time to do this!

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    YEA for Amy!! Maybe it's a bit premature, but I should go and highlight my post about Amy being the one I choose to win...predicted from the first episode. Damn..I'm so good maybe I'll be sitting next to DTrump in The Apprentice 2 boardrooms! I'll replace George..cause I'd like to work with Carolyn.

    Thanks Anemic Dog for all the information.
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