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Troy McClain (Boise, ID)

Born in Anchorage Alaska, Troy, 32, spent the majority of his childhood split between both Alaska and Montana. Troy ran a health club in Spokane, WA for a couple of years, before he decided to enter the field of investing. He is currently building an insurance business and working as a mortgage lender. He is also involved in real estate development and owns 7 properties.

It's an easy assumption to fall into that if someone sounds different that they must be "from the south". South of what? In the case of Montana, Washington & Idaho, south of Canada. But in the case of Alaska, south of the North Pole?

No biggie ... just setting the record straight.

i never assumed. however, one of us did. which part of what i wrote explicitly said that he sounded a man from the south? hmmm... i missed that. i was praising him for his actions not his diction. yeah all of us are a product of our environment. it just happens that troy was a product of the south. you make it sound like i said anything remotely ominous.