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Thread: Donald Trump 'Fires' up NBC's "Saturday Night Live"

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    Wow, Trump is a funny man I think. Is there any building in NY that he hasn't bought, is buying, or will buy? This guy's out of control. I love the hair style though, I think it makes him.....hmmmm......I dunno, look like he has hair? With all that money you would think a guy could get some hair transplants or Rogaine or something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallgrl
    I'd love to see a reverse skit where trump is put in the hotseat and has to defend his actions, along with several other high-position executives.

    Or have Donatella Versace take Carolyn's place in the boardroom, with her "dancers" standing guard.

    Just a little trivia tidbit. if anyone cares... Does anyone remember the singer Minnie Ripperton? (High pitched voice, recorded a song "Loving You" with birds twerping in the background...I think in the 70s.) Anyway, the SNL regular named Maya Rudolph (who does the Donatella Versace character) is Minnie's daughter. Minnie died many years ago at a young age.

    But, I suspect they will keep it 'serious' and try to make it as much of an exact replica as possible of the Trump board room scenes. But I think I know which Apprentice candidates (and rejects) will be mocked. They will probably have the music and everything! I love it when people like Trump relax, join the fun and even make fun of themselves.
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    I am SO curious to watch this episode of SNL. I better not miss it...this should be interesting.

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    Trump will host "Saturday Night Live" this weekend

    (Not sure if this has been posted before...just a reminder.)


    Real estate mogul turned television star Donald Trump takes over "Saturday Night Live" on April 3 (NBC, 11:30pm - 1:00am ET).

    NEW YORK -- March 10, 2004 -- Star and executive producer of NBC's hugely successful unscripted drama "The Apprentice," which is one of the highest rated and best-received shows of the television season, Donald Trump makes his first appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

    The highest rated new series on any network this season, "The Apprentice" brings in approximately 20 million viewers overall and is setting new records, most recently winning its hour in every key demographic and was the #1 show on any network last Thursday night in adults 18-49.

    "Saturday Night Live" is live this weekend (March 13) with host Ben Affleck and musical guest N.E.R.D. and will feature Janet Jackson in an exclusive live appearance as host and musical guest on April 10.

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    He will probably add "the most popular SNL host ever on television" to his list of accomplishments.
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    I have to ask...what on earth are they going to do with his hair?!!

    (Actually, I'm really looking forward to this... )
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    I'm also planning to check it out, although I don't usually watch the show. I think Trump's ability to make have fun and make fun of himself works in his favor.

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    There will be a ton of mocks on his hair and a least one Apprentice scene. It should be good!

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    Wonder if Sam will pop up someplace? Also, I hope they have the "dramatic" enter-the-boardroom background music.

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    I cannot wait!

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