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Thread: Who will be fired next (Episode 3/11)?

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    Who will be fired next (Episode 3/11)?

    I say: KATRINA

    Why?: Well, partly wishful thinking.

    Also, (while I know the previews are often misleading) here's my take:

    1) I noticed the tension between Bill and Katrina in a preview shot.
    2) Katrina is angry that Ereka was fired.
    3) I suspect Katrina is not going to put forth much effort in the actual task.
    4) Katrina is outspoken and I suspect it's her who crosses Carolyn when she (Katrina) is criticized in the board room.

    Think of Carolyn's remark to (someone) in the preview: "I really haven't seen anything from you." What have we seen from Katrina? She was Project Manager in the apartment renovation/rental episode but she made some blunders and was bickering and criticizing and making excuses.

    Yes, I think Versacorp loses next week.

    And think about the remaining Protege members. Can you see any of these people being stupid enough to mouth off at or about Carolyn?
    Kwame? No.
    Troy? No
    Heidi? (Hmmm) No.

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    SoCal Fan
    I do agree Katrina is out on the 3/11 episode....and here's why

    (1) At the beginning of the last episode, as the group was walking up to meet Mr. Trump in front of the museum, Katrina trailed behind the pack with a grim expression on her face and she had very closed body language.

    (2) She has let her friendship with Erica cloud the fact that its a competition with one winner and that one of the two of them has to eventually lose.

    (3) She is just too emotional to win. She lacks the bearing and composure of a mature and professional executive, much less a CEO for a company owned by the Trump Organization.

    (4) When Katrina whined to Mr. Trump that Troy cheated over the location of the apartment renovations a few weeks ago, it proved that she can easily out-maneuvered, and will play the "victim card" when she doesn't get her way....In the instance of the debate between Katrina and Troy over the apartment, Troy just demonstrated some subtle Machiavellian moves that I am certain Mr. Trump admired...In the end, I really see the final winner of The Apprentice as Troy. He's distinguished himself with talent, and grace.....sorry Amy fans, I just really haven't seen her do enough to justify my vote...

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    Good analysis, SoCalFan.

    As far as who will win, we never know....someone we least suspect might pull a rabbit or 2 out of their hat. OR a favorite might make a major "uuuuuuuuuuge" (as DT would say) blunder.

    But I think it's safe to say Katrina is on her way out.

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    Anemic Dog
    I agree that it's probably Katrina, but I wouldn't rule out Nick - he's pretty hard-headed and wouldn't be averse to taking on a Trumpling if he felt he was in serious danger.

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    I'm going to have to go with Katrina as well, barring something unforeseeingly boneheaded by someone else on next week's show.

    The thing that were described above about Katrina say a lot about how mature she is. I realize that she's young, one of the younger contestants if I remember correctly but unfortunately being young doesn't have to mean acting it.

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    I would say Heidi or Bill is the next to go.
    The DT was visibly irritated with Omorosa but he was also very annoyed with Heidi. It came down to those 2 to get the gas chamber and this time he picked Omorosa due to her barging into the boardroom, so Heidi narrowly missed the axe. Cannot believe he will have her tacky attitude and mouth working for him in any capacity. This of course is if their team loses.

    If the other team loses, Bill, Nick, Kat and Amy. Whatever task, Bill or Amy will be appointed PM. simply because Kat and Nick just finished their PM stints. If it's Bill as PM, he may/will drag Kat and Amy into the boardroom. Cannot see Trump firing another female? He has gonged 5 in a roll now. Believe he likes Kat because of her strong RealEstate background and after all, RE is the Donald's bread and butter. Amy will be saved just due to the fact lady luck seems to be with her. No boardroom appearances yet. Nick seems to be the forerunner and one of DT's faves at the moment.

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    i don't see bill going next. i think it's amy or nick. amy hasn't had a chance to show much yet, hence carolyn's comment - and the same can be said of nick... what has he actually DONE? i give him kudo's on picking the right artist, but other than that.. no way.

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    Katrina or Heidi

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    >>Cannot see Trump firing another female? He has gonged 5 in a roll now. <<

    Why do you say this? He fired several of the men in a row, too. You think he doesn't like to fire females?

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    I still find it interesting that Amy is still considered a favorite. What has she done lately? Amy has been lucky to never be in the boardroom. Wasn't she leader only once? Way back on episode 2 with the advertising task? But i'd say if Amy can make it thru this next episode, she's probably a finalist considering it's probably gonna be a male vs female finale. And my thoughts are it will either be Katrina or Amy as that female.

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