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Thread: Who would You most want to work FOR.

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    Who would You most want to work FOR.

    I think we have to ask ourselves this question. Because it's one thing to say who "should" win and its another to ask who would you personally like to work for.

    I would vote for Troy hands down. He would listen to my ideas, try to incorporate them into the plan, work with me issues personally without getting pedantic or flustered or annoyed. He'd give me credit for doing a job well and I would think he would never betray me.

    While I think that Amy and Bill are quite intelligent and great at dealing with customers, I don't think that personally they have as many good traits as Troy. Amy, I think, would throw me a look of disgust once in a while. And Bill, being so supersmart, probably couldn't understand my professional growth dilemnas.

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    I'd work for Troy for sure!! for all the reasons just mentioned

    I think I'd also work for Amy...she seems sweet and caring. Like she would generally look at your ideas. Also being a lady myself...I sometimes think that working for a woman, they understand more about the emotional life of a women.. does that make sense...

    That being said....I'd still work for Troy first and foremost!


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    I think Amy will need to be PM next time. She hasn't been for a while and we haven't seen much of her ability to lead and "originate". I say "originate" because some of these tasks really require original thinking.

    But look at Amy's original comment about Troy being a used car salesman and and putting on a dopey country boy persona. She dismissed Troy without really knowing too much about him and his style. When she saw him in action she changed her tune, but why couldn't she see how effective he was before. Now, if you worked for her and you had a style she couldn't readily relate to, she'd be talking about what a dope you were and would be incapable of giving you the credit you deserved. So I would suspect that the team she would hire would be people just like herself. "Golden" boys and girls who had their MBAs - not really likable people.

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    i'd want to work for bill, hands down

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    Based on what we have seen on the show, I would choose Troy also. He does speak up for himself and the "aw, shucks, Ma'am" persona is kind of endearing. He also appears to be genuine in his honesty about what he does and doesn't get (like the art work) and will admit when he is not in his element. It just appears as though he would be the kind to listen to others, appreciate input, but also be full steam ahead when it was time to work. We might not make $billions$, but the work would be rewarding.
    In my work experience, gender of the boss or co-workers has not been the issue. I want to work with competent professionals who keep their eye on the final product, give 150% to the team, and value integrity and ethics.
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    I'd like to work for Troy, Amy, and Carolyn (ok, I kinda cheated heheh but I think she's awesome and I can learn a lot from her).

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    Troy or Amy.
    Maybe Kwame because I think he would be an EASY boss.

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    Amy, if I could be her secretary, but there would have to a lot of dictation.

    (Generational alert, you have to be at least a certain age to get that joke.)

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    Bill or Troy. Bill=honest and fair Troy=high energy and good times

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