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Thread: Who would You most want to work FOR.

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    It's interesting .... my initial assessment in this thread held up in the last episode (about rickshaws).

    I originally said that Troy would be my favorite because he utlimately has a more likeable style than Amy or Bill, and could be just as effective. Bill would just be too curt for me.

    And in this past rickshaw episode, we saw Katrina despise Bill for his roughriding over her ideas and offending her to the point where she was completely against him. Also, Bill didn't really effectively utilize Nick either. He and Amy effectively did things themselves.

    Versicorp won because they had a great idea. Troy lost because he was the only one in his group that even had an idea. His group was completely worthless to him. Amy moves into second position favorite for me, with Troy still leading. Go Troy!

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    Guess I'll have to be the exception here. Troy's hay seed demeanor would wear thin quickly. Like by noon on day 1. Bill or Kwame would be the best "fit" for me.

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    i have problems having younger bosses, but i think Troy would keep everyone on the same level... it seems like the atmosphere would be very casual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    I didn't know hotness was a criterion here ... :rolleyes
    Troy is smart as a whip and very effective, but there's something slightly smarmy about him, as one of the other contestants pointed out: Herb Tarlick meets Gomer Pyle.
    Bill seems to have less of an end-justifies-the-means approach that's admirable.
    Ya know what? I was just being silly. In case you couldn't tell by my smiley later on. Read my entire post next time before you criticize it. Besides, its MY opinion and I do find him hot. So don't insult me next time.

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