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Thread: Behind Door #1...

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    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    I just came up with another possibility.. I think Don should be replaced by a puppet version (for those of you that have seen the Angel episode where he's turned into a puppet you will understand this.) Sure puppet Donald with removable eyebrows, hair wearing a little suit. And at the end of the table.. (Camera pan dramatically to a balcony overlooking the table) Those two old guys (Statler & Waldorf) from the Muppets laughing and making sarcastic comments about the apprentices..
    Hey Miss. Piggy do you really bring home the bacon! .
    Fozzie Bear Troy.. do a bear dance for us.
    Hey Kermit hop on the table the Don wants to chew on some frogs legs!
    Hey Gonzo Bill what’s with that hair?
    Pepe the redheaded prawn.. remind you of anyone?
    Beeker Kwami.. can’t you say anything other then ‘meep meep’

    Coming next week.. Carolyn as ‘Animal’ watch her go wild and uninhibited “Choke Apprentices” (Animal gets overly excited and usually utters only two words.. want woman, want food)
    Sam the American Eagle the defender of all and absolutely no sense of humor.. George anyone??

    Thanks to henson.com for giving me the names of the two old guys..

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    Its a broom closet...Hey imagine that!

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