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Thread: The Donald's Receptionist

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    Anyway, tonight I *did* notice something in the previews. The receptionist has a computer and a paper/card Rolodex at her desk. I wouldn't think the Trump Organizations uses those...don't see many Rolodexes any more, they're not exactly "cutting edge".


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    Quote Originally Posted by blazer7

    :phhht Oh, I'm soooooo skeeeeered.
    You have no clue what I am "up" on and furthermore, I truly don't care what you start a thread about. Might be a good idea to do some research to learn not to attack and pout ad nauseum just because someone questions something or disagrees with you. You were the disruptive, trollish buttinsky, PAL.

    Lemme explain to you how this Internet message board thing works (aside from stars and stripes and colors). People post thoughts opinions. Sometimes other people disagree. Sometimes they don't. Most sane people take it in stride. Or, they can use ignore features. It's not that hard.

    Now, you can go on and on and write a book for all I care - if you feel so compelled and if that makes you feel better.

    Have a nice evening. CLICK!
    Yes, people post re: thoughts and opinions on the reality contestants on TV. At FORT, we are not to post re: how we think threads or post entered by other people as basically not having merit. Telling a mod, who explains why a thread it up, to take a chill pill is not a good idea either. Maveno is right about trollish behavior and it would have been a good idea for you to stop such behavior. Stop trying to bait Maveno.

    If you don't like this thread, why bother to come and be disruptive?
    There are many other threads that you may enjoy and can participate in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blazer7
    I wouldn't think the Trump Organizations uses those...don't see many Rolodexes any more, they're not exactly "cutting edge".

    Actually, Rolodexes are kept by most people, or at least should be. I don;t refer to mine very often, but it has been invaluable when the computer systems have been down, or when my Palm decides to take a vacation...


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    Robin got a bit more screen time yesterday, which was fun - especially since she didn't get a chance to say "Mr. Trump will see you now" since O burst into the boardroom. Liked the little wave at the end - although, again, it could have been edited in, and O could have been waving at a cameraman or sound guy.

    Liked seeing the shot of Robin at her real desk, though, when she called to tell the group about that mornings appointment.

    As for rolodexes - our company still uses rolodexes as well as computer address books, in case the network/computers go down or some such thing. What better place to have the computer hotline number, instead of on the computer...

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    My favorite part of the boardroom visit is when George & Carolyn give the Donald their opinions of the participants activities..... and Omarosa ruined that for me last night! Shame on her... She should be fired or something (wink, wink)

    I've worked with an "Omarosa" before and it's no picnic. I can't imagine if I had to work FOR an Omarosa. She has such a condescending attitude.... I'm better than you because I've overcome obstacles. Well, in today's world, quite a few people have overcome hurdles to make something of themselves. I hope that when she sees this show and sees how she has acted and what people (not just on the show) thought of her, that it does something to help her with the way she treats people. I'd hate to think she went on this show, ruined her reputation, and all she's gonna get out of it is a concussion!

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    realornot I had the same thought about working FOR her. Can you imagine trying to please her? Also, can you imagine working your butt off and her taking all the credit? Then too, there's that little thing about her concussion. Do we think she might be a lawsuit waiting to happen?

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    HA! She did it AGAIN!!

    "You can see Mr. Trump now"

    I'm gonna tell you she keeps getting better and better at this. I couldn't believe when I saw again tonight. What a talented young lady!


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    She is an essential part of the boardroom! They cannot have a fake boardroom without a receptionist to complete the set.

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    She got a little bit more airtime this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaMonkey
    She is a pivotal part of the show. I mean honestly...if she wasn't there, how would they know that he was ready to fire one of them?
    Yes, I don't think we could go on without the receptionist. The world might not even turn without her role in The Apprentice

    Indeed, the receptionist does not cease to amuse me each time with her one *crucial* line of "You can see Mr. Trump now"...Wow, doesn't it give you chills too?

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