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Thread: George and Caroline Info?

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    I agree, it's the hair, I guessed her closer to late 40's. WOW was I surprised at her being only 35

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    Actually Caroline looks young. It's her demeanor that made her appear older. In business environment she needs to look matured so she will be taken seriously with the likes of D-Trum and George and guys in that same age!......She's no-nonsense, she's sharp, serious and Hot! ....... It's funny how she knocked Mama Hedi down last night!!!!......Heidi looks like she's "into something" lol, maybe it's just me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theFACE
    Heidi looks like she's "into something" lol, maybe it's just me!

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    Like she (Heidi) does drugs..or something. She does have that look about her.

    I like Carolyn alot. I would actually love to work for her. Or maybe not, she'd bust me surfing the foRT all day. grrr..
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    I think that Carolyn would be a straight up boss but, for some reason, I feel that she is someone who would help anyone who wanted to grow and succeed.

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    George and Caroline will be on Leno Wednesday night. (March 31)

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    I think Carolyn is just very put together, and I really love her demeanor.

    She reminds me a LOT of my last manager that I just loved because she was so well spoken and intelligent.

    Carolyn is also a very beautiful woman, but I like that she doesn't appear to use that to garner respect.
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