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Thread: Who in this group is really ready to be a corporate Vice president

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    Who in this group is really ready to be a corporate Vice president

    Sure all of the people chosen have some of the qualities necessecary to work at the highest levels of business and some even own there own companies but after two shows, I have seen that most of the group have too little experience..or some character flaw which will prevent them from being truely successful in the higher levels of Corporate America....

    I am curious who anyone has seen ...if you were Donald...and Don't we all wish we could spend his money...would you think could work for you for a year.....?

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    For the guys, I have been impressed if you look closely at Bill Rancic...Cigar Guy...who has though not been given the leadership taken it in quiet ways ...such as the gift of cigars last night....When asked for his opinion or to take charge he has...and done it well...and I like Nick Warnock...chosen for no good reason last night...he simply asks Donald may I have the opportunity to defend myself...he will go far in the corporate world...since the campaign did not fail on his part...and I mentioned these two of the guys because they were the only ones who wanted to call the President of the company last night....

    For the ladies, Amy Henry...because a group that bickered for the entire week before picked her as a leader and followed...and because she knew enough to call the corporate president...(yes she left with the rest not knowing what to do..but you couldn't delegate till you knew what the client wanted..and the client needs to talk to the project leader....) and I think Kristi has had alot to do with the success of the first two ventures in quiet ways...but has shown leadership.....

    The rest to me are...even if they owned there own businesses...followers at this level of corporate america....

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    If trump wants to get into debt again he should pick Sam (i know, i know, not one company would put trump into debt)

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    but it's just a 50/50 chance... as with all the others too!! it's all in who's in with the "Trump"

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