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Thread: The 2 ad campaigns

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    Hmm... Lets say the men had the jet's open door look like a coochy, and underneath it say, "You know you want to come in".... think they would have won cause it was "edgy"? Or...what if the men did phallic symbols? Would the outcome be favorable for them?
    I don't think so....SOMEONE ::cough::awoman::cough:: would have been crying foul.

    Seriously...with our PC America lately, I don't understand how it was "ok" for the women to do that AND get a pat on the back.

    IMO, you can be "edgy" and thinking "outside of the box" without resorting to walking the sexist line.
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    While I think the women's campaign was OTT on the sexuality scale (and comfort scale for the client, based on the CEO's reaction when looking at the print ads), I agree with Hepcat that the men's ad was extremely sexist with the "wife at home worrying about her executive husband" crap. How about a female executive or pilot in that ad, guys? Where was that plane flying, the 1950s? Ugh. Terrible.

    I do love this show, but I sincerely hope that the women can sell something without having to resort to sex sometime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VectorWega
    I agree. No real company would use a Phallic symbol to represent them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acclyaimed4
    NY Times 1/16/04 Ad From 'Apprentice' Will Get Real Use

    looks like the campaign...
    but i couldn't get through the website... but i have no idea which one... the link is on the sirlinksalot link above... hehe...
    The article does not say so directly, but they describe how the Deutsh agency judged the women to be the winner, causing Trump to fire one of the men.

    Marquis will spend an estimated $100,000 to run the spot 150 times in the next month,
    If Marquis had nonetheless chosen to air the men's ads, SURELY this would be mentioned in the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Interesting to note that if you go to marquisjet.com, you will find that the Guy's ad campaign was quite close to their corporate style.
    This makes me think that the men probably thought they could research the client and win by emulating the company's existing image.

    HOWEVER, if the client is hiring you to create an ad, there MUST be a reason. He certainly doesn't need you to produce "more of the same".

    The client could have told the men something they couldn't determine from the outside: What do they think is lacking in the current campaign/image?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Seriously...with our PC America lately, I don't understand how it was "ok" for the women to do that AND get a pat on the back.
    From what I saw I would say that, yes the men probably would have lost anyway, BECAUSE they didn't have the ability to pull it off with enough "style". I am not simply talking about WHO was presenting, I am talking about the visual quality of the print ads standing on their own where you don't know anything about WHO created them.

    Sure there would be backlash if the men had done this. But there is no universal approval for what the women did either.

    They took a risk, it paid off, they won. In the context of these discussion, it was more than OK, it enabled them to do EXACTLY what they were supposed to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    He was more bullish about the women's TV spot, which uses a stylish display of the Marquis Jet flyer card and the tagline, "Own it."

    So now we know that once again we are the victim of selective editing.

    The women did't have a "one note" campaign. They did NOT put all the eggs in the "sex sells" basket.

    And in both cases, they did what they did "with style".

    I also thought that it was very smart to have Omarosa present their sexy ads. She did her best to keep the sex on the "subliminal" level (which was near impossible because it was so "out there", that the Deutsch guy got it instantly), saying things like "Simple" and "Classy." I would think that the whole thing would have just really come off cheap with someone presenting it the way Heidi would be inclined to present.

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    I felt that although, yes, the women's was bordering on inappropriate, it would be much more likely to catch and hold someone's attention. Also, the quality of the ad (not the main picture but everything surrounding it like the picture of the card and contact info), was more professionally done and cohesive than what the men did.

    The men's ad was completely forgettable- there really wasn't any focal point, and it was a very generic pose that doesn't make them stand out.

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    Yes, unfortunately, sex really sells these days. But the women want to be careful not to give the impression that they're a one-trick-pony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    I agree. Its not like they showed pictures of nude bodies or anything, the photos were of the airplanes, for heaven's sake. In my opinion, successful advertising campaigns are the ones that grab your attention and make you look twice. The men's ads were boring to me...

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