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Thread: 'Apprentice' Contestant Has Soft-Core Past

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    'Apprentice' Contestant Has Soft-Core Past

    'Apprentice' Contestant Has Soft-Core Past

    (Friday, January 09 02:44 PM)

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - NBC is boasting that more than 27 million viewers tuned in for at least part of the Thursday night (Jan. 8) premiere of the new reality series "The Apprentice." While viewers had 90 minutes to check out contestant Kristi Frank, the more pruriently inclined can see a lot more of her in "Swimming Naked," an installment of Zalman King's popular erotica series "Red Shoe Diaries."

    NBC publicity describes Frank as the 30-year-old owner of two residential properties on the beach in Santa Monica, CA and the co-owner of the trendy eatery Juliano's RAW. Her past as a Lake Tahoe blackjack dealer is discussed, but her acting career is absent.

    Those who tuned in to the "Apprentice" premiere saw Kristi lead the cadre of women to a lemonade stand victory over the man. The woman, including Kristi, were quick to use their sexuality as a marketing ploy. The show's star, Donald Trump, was impressed and gave all of them a non-euphemistic tour of his swank apartment.

    Apparently, "Swimming Naked" focuses on a lonely lifeguard at a small town swimming pool who falls for the Olympic stroker who splashes around in her chlorinated waters. They have an underwater encounter and swoony, somewhat cheesy music likely plays.

    The gauzy sexuality of "Red Shoe Diaries" is probably less problematic than the pornographic pasts of such reality contestants as "Joe Millionaire" tickle fetishist Sara Kozer or "American Idol" bootee Frenchie Davis, who posed nude for a web site.

    Media reports suggest that "Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett was already aware of Frank's cinematic pasts. Soft-core stars have had some success in Burnett's previous efforts, with Brian Heidik winning "Survivor: Thailand."

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    Somehow I get the feeling "The Donald" really won't mind about this.
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    Heck, maybe that's where Donald first saw her & picked her out for the show
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    Maybe it has reached the point where the producers are making sure that they cast contestants with such pasts as a failsafe way of keeping up media attention during the airings.

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    she invested her Hbo money well...kinda puts the damper on self-made though......

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    Damn!! Too bad I don't get showtime.

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    Bummer! I was hoping that this article was pertaining to Bill Rancic...

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    Does every show have to have something like this?

    I would say that these people are doing a sucky job of researching the contestants, but I think they do it on purpose now.

    I think they have a checklist with "controversial/porn contestant" as one of the Must Haves.

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