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Thread: Chrysler signs on as exclusive auto advertiser

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    Chrysler signs on as exclusive auto advertiser


    Contestants Will Compete to Become Donald Trump’s Protégé

    NEW YORK -- January 5, 2004 -- NBC and the Chrysler brand announced today that Chrysler is the exclusive automotive sponsor of the network’s much anticipated new prime-time reality drama- “The Apprentice,” scheduled to premiere January 8, 2004 at 8:30pm ET.

    “The Apprentice” follows a group of highly motivated and ambitious young entrepreneurs competing for the opportunity to become the protégé of Donald Trump. Described as the ultimate job interview, “The Apprentice,” is the first reality drama to focus on surviving in the fast-paced world of business. The series was created by Mark Burnett, a well-known producer of reality programming.

    The sponsorship package includes full automotive exclusivity, with advertising in each episode throughout the series; promotional spot mentions; and a web site presence. A key component of the sponsorship is the integration of Chrysler into one of the final tasks given to the show’s competitors.

    “This sponsorship is a natural fit for the Chrysler brand,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President, Chrysler and Jeep® Marketing. “We at Chrysler recognize the competitive drive and skill required to succeed in the marketplace. It is integral to the show, and how we market our own passionately designed and precisely engineered vehicles.”

    “We are thrilled to have Chrysler on board for ‘The Apprentice.’ said Marianne Gambelli, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing NBC Television Network. “Our goal was to develop an integrated marketing sponsorship that not only promoted the Chrysler brand but also engaged viewers in a way that felt organic to the show.”

    As part of the web-based, view-vote-win component of the sponsorship, viewers will have the opportunity to select one of four Chrysler vehicles to be given to the winning apprentice during the season finale. Chrysler will launch two of the vehicles - the 300C and PT Cruiser Convertible -- during the run of “The Apprentice.” In addition, one viewer will win a Chrysler vehicle in the Chrysler/Apprentice Sweepstakes.

    “2004 is an exciting year for the Chrysler brand, as we have new products coming out that are drop-dead gorgeous. We can’t wait to see who drives away in the winning vehicle,” said Bell.

    In addition to the sponsorship package, Chrysler will be hosting local market events to further leverage their sponsorship of “The Apprentice.”

    In addition to promotions airing on NBC, additional support for “The Apprentice” will be seen in Regal Theaters and magazines as well as on targeted cable, Direct TV, Dish Network and network radio promotion. Additional program information will also be made available on Chrysler.com and NBC.com.

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    Just what we need...more product placement.

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    they have to drive something....but you would think Yugo or Mercedes would have been a better sponsor depending on your point of view

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    Well, as long as it feels organic to the show...

    A friend of mine gave me a great example of how "brand" advertising is lost on our youth. Recently, one of his kids was watching TV and yelled out to his dad "Hey Dad! There's an HP commercial on!" (his dad works for HP) My friend yelled back "Really? What are the advertising?" His son replied "Nothin'."

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    Yeah, how many times do you see a really funny/interesting commercial and then mention it to a friend and they ask what it was advertising and you have no idea?! I think the marketing people are hoping the product will subliminally permeate our brain, but I think they may be expecting too much!

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