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Thread: Where are all the underdogs?

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    Sorry John, didn't notice the press release... I guess I always just take the easy way out of things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    After reading through the bios, was anyone else disappointed in the lack of variety? We were pitched a show that promised to have street hustlers mixing it up with MBA's. It said that there would be people from 'all walks of life.' What happened? I saw one successful college grad after another. With a scant few exceptions, one bio looked pretty much like the next.

    "So and so graduated with honors from *insert prestigious university* with a degree in business/economics/etc and went on to make their fortune in real estate/investing/marketing/etc. Their hobbies are *insert something adventurous or glamorous*"

    Where are the high school educated underdogs that I was hoping to see? I thought one of the points of the show was to see how street smarts held up against education in the business world? I didn't even see many people who had to overcome diversity to get where they are in the world. I was hoping to see someone who had smarts and ambition, but had never before been given the opportunity to succeed.

    Was anyone else hoping for more scrappers to root for/against, or was I the only one?

    SG Look for the scrapper from Boise. I have been working out at the same gym as him and keeping my ears open. He's a guy with nothing but a highschool diploma, he takes care of his disabled little sister and mother and started his own business out of his house. Plus I heard he's not afraid to share his opion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucynda
    It sounded like a great show and it probably still will be. But I too am disappointed with the bios. Only two appear not to have college degrees. Seems somehow unfair. Dont know why but I expected it to be a bit more half and half. Maybe there just isnt that many successful under 30s out there who dont have degrees.
    I actually tried out for the show and they presented it to be a "street smarts" vs "book smarts" and I do not see any of that from the bios. I think it will be an interesting watch.

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    I wonder how many three card monte grifters Donald actually wants on the payroll

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