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Thread: Ereka Vetrini (New York, NY)

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    I’ve been meaning to post this, but, I’d all but forgotten about Ereka. Anyway, although I was never a fan of hers, I thought Ereka did a very good job on the Tony Danza Show. In fact, I was surprised that the show was as good as it was (IMO). He got lots of A-list celebrity guests. I missed it for several months last yr, then next time I tuned in I noticed Ereka was no longer announcing and exchanging banter with Tony – essentially she was just doing the Extravadanza game. But I thought they had excellent rapport and was a good choice – much better than Amy Henry would have been.

    Oh, well.

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    Ereka at ItalianAmericanShowcase

    For all the fans of Ereka, just letting you know that I saw her at ItalianAmericanShowcase. She has a column where you can ask her a question and she might answer it. You also get entered into a contest

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