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Thread: Ereka Vetrini (New York, NY)

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    Uh, John, far be it for me to disagree with you, so begging your apologies, Ereka was the other girl with long brown hair - I think you might be thinking of Katrina Campos. (A thousand humble apologies)
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    Yeah Katrina Campins was the ratface. Anyhoo, so Ereka is going to work for "one of the most popular TV personalities".....she thinks that was Tony Danza?

    Oh well, at least she got a job.

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    Oops, I knew I should have checked the photo first

    *slinks out of the thread*

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    aaawww John we forgive ya!
    Anyway, I'm too busy at the idea of Tony Danza being a popular TV personality. nyone seen th epromos to his uncoming show? Embarassing and almost as bad as the promo to Jane Pauley's talk show.
    ooop, I best hush because ya never know if somethings gonna be a hit.

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    Anybody know what network it's going to be on? The article didn't seem to say. (Unless my eyesight is going.)

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    I've watched the first couple Tony Danza shows. (On NBC.) It's OK. I'll do like I do for any talk show - if there's a guest on that I'm interested in, I'll tune in. Otherwise, no. I like how Tony calls her "Vetrini" instead of Ereka. I call most people by their last names as well. It's interesting how their studio door opens right onto the street. And they didn't give away 300 cars like Oprah did, but they gave away $5000 the first day and $1500 the second. Tony actually looks pretty good for a guy his age.

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    Ereka (S1) to be in off-Broadway play March 25-27

    Just an alert that Ereka from season one (and Tony Danza's show) will be appearing off-Broadway in the final performances of Pieces (of A**) at the Dodger Stages in Manhattan March 25-27 (click here for the Broadway.com article about this).

    There's more information about the show on Broadway.com's information page, which can be accessed by clicking this link.
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    Ereka (and several others) fired from The Tony Danza Show

    Not really that big a surprise:

    TV Guide noted on their Entertainment News page for Tuesday (July 5) that Ereka, along with several producers have been fired from The Tony Danza Show, and Danza is none too pleased about any of it. You can see the story by clicking this link.

    It doesn't surprise me all that much because while the show won its time slot in New York (opposite this past year's media darling "Ellen") and here in Philadelphia (where it aired opposite a local talk show among other things), the show's ratings struggled elsewhere from what I understand, and for a while it looked like it might not even be back for a second year.

    As for who might replace Ereka, I suspect she may not be replaced. They brought in another announcer a couple of months in (with Ereka eventually cut back to just doing "Extravadanza" and a being a part-time correspondent), I assume at the request of Buena Vista Television (Danza's syndicator). If she were replaced at all, it might be with whom (from what I remember reading early in the show's run) she supposedly beat out for the job in the first place, another ex-"Apprentice" candidate, Amy Henry.

    Danza himself may eventually leave with Gloria Estefan replacing him if that happens supposedly.

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    Thanks for the info Wally. Tony's show has been noticeably absent from my TV listings lately, and I was wondering if perhaps it had been cancelled.

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    July 7, 2005 -- EREKA Vetrini says she's not bitter about losing her job as sidekick-turned-correspondent on "The Tony Danza Show."

    "I saw it coming, but I don't understand the reasoning behind it," Vetrini, 28, says of being axed along with "Danza" executive producer John Redmann.

    "They never really thought about my role and what it could be," she says.

    "Tony [Danza] called me [with the news] and was very sweet and was very upset about the whole changeover. We had a very close relationship, and to let me and John Redmann go was hard for him."

    Show producer Buena Vista raised some eyebrows when it hired Vetrini, a former "Apprentice" contestant without any TV experience, as Danza's sidekick on his new talk show.

    As "Danza" progressed and generated solid numbers, Vetrini's sidekick role, including her banter with Danza, was phased out. Vetrini says she was never told why that was happening ó but that it wasn't a decision made by either Danza or Redmann.

    "Once they decided to diminish my role, they promised me feature pieces as a correspondent of sorts telling stories from a female perspective," she says of show officials.

    "But that never really happened and I was upset because I was ready to jump into that role . . . they never gave me the opportunity to let viewers get to know me.

    "I was surprised to see them diminish my role, but not surprised to be let go."

    Vetrini says she and Danza developed a genuine rapport. "The upsetting part for me is that when I went out there [on the show] those were authentic moments which were never produced or scripted," she says of her banter with Danza.

    "It's a shame they didn't take the time to think about my role and how I could be utilized.

    "But I was really happy to be a part of this show and I'm not bitter," Vetrini says. "I learned so much, and it was a phenomenal experience."

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