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Thread: Ereka Vetrini (New York, NY)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    They don't.
    Hey, we chicks can work well together. In teams of two. Any more and we either argue or waste time on tangents.

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    Anemic Dog
    Apparently, eight teams of two add up to quite a few $5 glasses of lemonade.

    Ereka's not long for the show. I can't imagine getting lost in Manhattan, either. She should instantly know from any address exactly where she is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    She's definitely NOT leader material which seemed to be important last night. She had no idea how to delegate authority. My first delegation would have been to tell Omarosa to shut up. I liked Omarosa last night except for she made it hard for Ereka to think or make a decision cause she was constantly buzzing in her ear.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that Erika can overcome this disaster and I do think that Omarosa should have been more cooperative.

    After the first episode, I see Sam and Troy as real possibilities with Omarosa a more distant third. I see a lot of potential in Omarosa, but a lot of her behaviors were counter-productive and more about Omarosa rather than the team goals.

    She did, however, redeem herself somewhat in attempting to handle the Tammy situation. But still it seems that her comments and behaviors are more along the lines of "image consultant" than "entrepreneur" (which is a term that Sam, more than anyone else, seems to REALLY understand).

    I certainly hope that future episodes will reveal at least ONE woman who I can strongly view as a contender.

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    Ereka seems to be very successful, but I am having a hard time picturing her in the corporate world.

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    She needs to get her emotions in check. She gets dragged into fights too easy...and to be a leader, you need to be able to recognize problems BEFORE they become a problem.

    She'll be on the show for a while, cause MB likes the sparks between her and Omarosa. Then the apron strings will be snipped rather unexpectedly, and she'll bawl her eyeballs out in her exit interview.
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    She can't handle pressure or conflict too well. IMO, she doesn't have what it takes.
    Phenomenal woman... that's me!!!

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    Catty and insecure

    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    She can't handle pressure or conflict too well. IMO, she doesn't have what it takes.

    She's insecure and catty. She shows absolutely no ability to contain her emotions. She classlessly throws aroundd curse words when in conflict. Even UsaToday commented on her wink and a smile routine when telling Trump her teams name as being innaproprite.

    She's gone in the next two weeks.

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    Ereka's website

    Check it out:


    I think it's rather pathetic. Just a bunch of "be all you can be" drivel. She's obviously job hunting (posts her and a "hire Ereka" link) :rolleyes

    One think that struck me right away was that she was on the "Today: show doggin Trump, Carolyn, etc. yet she uses the "Apprentice" logo and Trump's picture on her site.

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    Anemic Dog
    Quote Originally Posted by Ereka Vetrini dot Com
    Iíve traveled around the world and back and learned a few things
    Wouldn't returning from being around the world amount to standing still?

    Or perhaps she has learned a few things the rest of us don't understand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ereka Vetrini's Resume
    Clinique Creative Review- Worked with the Clinique Creative department to gain an understanding of the overall procedures and identify opportunities to streamline the process and increase effective communication between Creative and itís customers
    Many hiring directors would throw the resume in the trash, on the spot, for a serious grammar error like this. You have to be anal about your resume. Hire a copy editor if you can't do it yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ereka Vetrini's Resume
    New York University: TISCH, Television and Film Acting
    Ahh, now we see why she was on the show. The emotional breakdown was just an act - an audition for future roles. I doubt a company like Clinique would allow an emotional wreck to make presentations at the annual meeting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hire Ereka Vetrini
    Ereka is also available to speak at business conferences and private parties to discuss the lessons learned from The Apprentice. Specifically; Why the womanís team was unstoppable. Was it sex or business savvy?
    Or incompetence on the part of the eight actor-wannabe guys hired for the show. This would be a very short business conference or private party.

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