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Thread: Sightings?

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    Hey, let us know if you hear about any appearances by Nashville Star contestants, if you read any articles about them or start hearing them on the radio. Let's help each other keep track of our favorites, OK?

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    I've been hearing Buddy's "Pour Out The Rain" (Lacy's Song) on the radio...but NOT ENOUGH! Call in & request it! I think the stations around here know it's me calling by now! OH WELL! The only way others will hear it is if they play it. I can't wait to see Buddy on the Opry this Saturday. What a dream that must be for him.
    I say replace all the Dixie Chic songs scheduled for airplay with Buddy Jewell! YAY!

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    Just thought I'd mention that I'm hearing Buddy A LOT on our radio station lately!! It's great...I've listened to KFROG for about 3 hours now and have heard "Lacey's song" (Pour out the rain) twice!

    Also he's doing a concert out here for an LA country music station (with a few other artists) , although it's a little too far for me to go, it's cool to see he's touring around & doing good

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    Has anybody heard any news of the other contestants? I should really head over to Amy's site and see what's new with her. She was so awesome, I can't believe I haven't purchased one of her CD's yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhora
    Has anybody heard any news of the other contestants? I should really head over to Amy's site and see what's new with her. She was so awesome, I can't believe I haven't purchased one of her CD's yet.

    What about John Arthur? What is he doing now? Did he record a CD yet? He was very good also.

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    I just saw that Buddy has been nominated for the Horizon Award for the CMA. I'm so proud of him.

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    I was listening to the Jeff Foxworthy countdown Sunday and Buddy was number 9.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Here's Amy's latest newletter. Follow the link below to purchase her new CD...

    September 2003 Newsletter—CD RELEASE

    ****************************** ******************************
    A Message From Amy:

    Hello everyone! Well I’m finally back in Nashville after
    spending a few weeks on the road playing music and living
    out this ol’ rock star lifestyle. First stop…my hometown
    of Hutchinson, Kansas. That’s right, I clicked my heels
    3 times and suddenly found myself waist high in a wheat
    field holding hands with a scarecrow, a tin man, and
    cowardly lion. Not really, but I did end up on the
    Grandstand at the Kansas State Fair performing as the
    opening act for Aaron Tippin. It was a great night and
    loads of fun. Thanks to all of my peeps back in Hutch and
    the great state of Kansas for welcoming me home and coming
    out to the show.

    While I was back in town, I also received an invitation to
    perform at my alma mater, Buhler High School. Wanna know
    what’s scarier than performing on national television?
    Try performing in a high school auditorium at 8:15 in the
    morning in front of hundreds of high school students.
    Actually, I ended up having a great time revisiting
    the old stomping grounds and connecting with some of my
    previous teachers. The highlight of my BHS trip?
    The lunch ladies hooked me up with a crispito...one of my
    favorite cafeteria menu items, best described as a tortilla
    filled with a questionable beef mixture, wrapped and cooked
    to a crisp, and served with a warm instant cheese sauce.
    Is your mouth watering?? Seriously, they’re good!

    After spending time with family and friends in Hutch,
    I headed up to Kansas City to take part in the wedding
    festivities for one of my very close friends Rona Long and
    groom Keller Johnson. That’s right, it was the Long Johnson
    wedding! We all celebrated in fine form that night, tipped
    the champagne glasses, and danced till our feet hurt.
    Congratulations and best wishes to my girl and her lucky

    And finally, I met up with 5 of my Nashville Star friends
    (Travis, John Arthur, Brandon, Brandi, and Jamie) last
    weekend to perform at a fundraising event in Akron, OH.
    It was just like old times, only without the cameras and
    the fear of elimination!! Luckily no one was voted off
    the show that night.

    So now that I’ve brought y’all up to speed with my travels,
    here’s the best news of all...

    ****************************** ******************************
    CD NEWS:

    You can now purchase your copy of Amy’s latest CD, These
    Days. Here’s how:

    Go to www.amychappell.com and click on the merchandise page.
    Instantly purchase your copy by using the Pay Pal link,

    Or, send a check or money order in the amount of $15 to:

    P.O. Box 128075
    Nashville, TN 37212

    Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and email

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping at this time.

    ****************************** ******************************

    October 4: Songwriters In the Round, A benefit for the
    Spring Hill Arts Center, Old Spring Hill High School
    Auditorium, Spring Hill, TN, 7 PM.

    November 2: Old Settlers Inn, Moundridge, KS, 4:30 PM.
    Opening for Darrell Scott. To purchase tickets contact
    (620) 345-2733 or email oldsettlersinn@hotmail.com.

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    I just read on Miranda's website that her record deal with sony is finalized and she will start recording soon! I am so happy for her....she was definately one of my favs on the show.

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    Cool! Thanks for the update beachbabe246, and welcome to The FORT.

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