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Thread: Jeff Probst has good things to say about Nashville Star

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    Jeff Probst has good things to say about Nashville Star

    Our very own Sher was kind enough to transcribe a media conference call with Jeff Probst, (Survivor's Host), for The FORT's Survivor forum. I noticed that Jeff mentioned Nashville Star, so I thought I would paste that portion of the interview here. Sher did a great job typing this up. To read the full interview click below...

    Probst interview, part 1

    Probst interview, part 2

    Next question is from John Maynard of the Washington Post

    JM: Are there any other reality shows out there right now that you are enjoying or that you watch?

    JEFF: I’ll tell you the one that I really am sad that I missed. I saw the last episode and that was Nashville Star. To me, that is a music contest. I realized watching it that those guys have been writing songs for years. They perform their own material and they are living the life. They’re not young kids who just popped up from Alabama and say, you know, “Hey, I’m a singer.” And it really made me appreciate that show. And I’m not a country fan. I would have loved to have watched that whole show.

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    I was so happy when I read that Jeff liked Nashville Star! Maybe his comments will help the producers make up their minds to bring back a second season of Nashville Star. I read on the USA Network that no decision has been made yet on whether to have a Nashville Star 2. I wonder what it will take to make up their minds? Any ideas on what we can do to influence them?:

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Thanks for the info, John. I just sent off my email and I hope lots more people will send theirs in soon.

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    That's a good idea breathless, I"ll do the same...

    I'm glad Jeff likes it too, I'm glad he sees the difference in the competition & competitors between AI & NS ..... he's absolutely right about everything he said.

    Ok I'm off to email nashville star.....

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