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Thread: Nashville Star Marathon

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    Nashville Star Marathon

    I was just flipping through my tv guide and found that starting tomorrow morning at 7am Central time there is going to be a Nashville Star Marathon on the Trio Channel. I hope you all can get that channel cause it looks like it is going to be really great. It is starting out with the auditions and will run all day and not ending till 2 am Monday. I'm so excited about this. If you can get the Trio channel you don't want to miss this!! It's a great chance to see all the performers again!

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    wow... when is it starting? 7am Central time Sunday? I'm gonna set my recorder an record it all then!!! THen I'll have the whole season on tape!

    (I hope it wasnt 7am saturday cause then I already missed it! lol)

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    Yeah, it's 7 am Sun. I'm so looking forward to a whole day of Nashville Star. I don't care if they show the same ones over & over I'll be watching all day. It'll be cool to see the auditions again. I've watched all the reruns they show during the week anyhow so I don't mind seeing them all again. I'm so hooked on this program!! I'm really going to miss it when its over.

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