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Thread: Season Finale Post Show Discussion ****SPOILERS****

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    Season Finale Post Show Discussion ****SPOILERS****

    GRAND FINALE - It all comes down to this Saturday night! When this week's broadcast begins LIVE from the BellSouth Acuff Theatre, we’ll be just minutes away from granting a recording contract to one of the 12 dreamers we first met in Episode 1! This week, we’ll present a spectacular Tribute to Nashville concert, featuring some of today’s biggest names in country music, including Trace Adkins, Jo Dee Messina, and Clint Black! We'll also bring back all of our eliminated finalists to join the final three for a one-time-only performance together - and to witness the big moment. And finally, it will happen: one person will be crowned the very first "Nashville Star." It’s an event you won’t want to miss! Tune in, LIVE, this Saturday night at 10PM/9C!

    Post your thoughts about the season finale here.

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    YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAY TO GO BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sleeping with George W
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    Buddy richly deserves this. He wasn't always my favorite, but really grew on me towards the end. His humility seems real, and his talent is certainly immense.

    My only complaint about the show tonight was JoDee Messina's hogging of her duet with Miranda. Miranda only got to sing harmonies and the camera (for reasons I'll never understand) seemed glued on JoDee. Man, is she ever old and all tore up. What a duet-hogging hag!

    Anyway ... I'm sad for my home-girl Miranda, but she'll make it somehow, I'm sure. I noticed she seemed glued to Travis at the end ... which makes me smile. I think they're a cute couple.

    And it was great seeing Jamey again and he even got to play the harmonica! Swoon!!!

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    lol I know. I thought the finale was great..... it was even not too bad seeing Brandi again, they all seemed really happy & happy for Buddy ...

    I'm also really happy that John Arthur got second place, because I know Miranda will be FINE .... she will have her albums out soon & she's gonna be a country music star soon enough

    The duets were great. I loved the JAM/Clint Black and Buddy/Trace Adkins but I totally agree with you about JoDee... she has never been a favorite of mine, and tonight certainly didn't help her case much.... poor Miranda was drowning in that duet, it's like JoDee is attempting to get into the spotlight somehow, even tho the contest was about the contestants, not about the guest stars... :-)

    Gosh...Jamey looked so HOT in those leather pants!!! *drool*
    I hope we'll be seeing more of him as well in the future...I'm sure we will though... I think he's really talented as well as having a drop dead gorgeous look

    It was great, I can't wait for next season of NS ..... it's gonna be hard to beat these though but w'ell see, I have no doubt that there'll be great contestants next year as well

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    WAHOOOOOOOO! I missed the finale since I was out with the hubby and hopped on here as soon as I got home. YES! Buddy was my FAV!!!!!!! WAAHOOOOOOOOOO!

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    It was a great finale. Jamey's harmonica licks on that group song were tremendous. I also really enjoyed the judges/singers role reversal. D'ya think Robert and Tracy were really playing those guitars?

    And...I got to see Amy again. She really is cute.

    Unlike that JoDee or whatever her name was. She scared me. They should remake The Wizard of Oz and cast her in the Margaret Hamilton role. My goodness.
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    :monkeybut YAY BUDDY! YAY BUDDY!

    First I screamed! Then, I got a little weepy! (Pathetic...I know, I really need to get a life!) (what will I do now on Saturday nights!??!?!)

    I thought Buddy and Trace sounded GREAT together. I have always thought Miranda could hold her own, but I thought she sounded 'off' tonight before JoDee ever came out on stage. I noticed JoDee singing more of the song, but I thought it was some sort of a cover. The cameras barely even showed Miranda during the performance...and she didn't look happy afterward. I thought maybe she had some problems with the song and JoDee sang both parts to cover? I don't know...that was just my guess because the whole thing seemed odd. It seemed like Miranda barely sang at all, and they surely wouldn't arrange the song like that. It's Miranda's spotlight, not JoDee's! MIRANDA HAS A BRIGHT FUTURE. SHE'LL HAVE A CONTRACT, AND I'M SURE IT WILL BE SOON.

    John Arther did well. I felt bad they didn't get to talk to him. It was like announce the winner, sweep second place off stage! THEY NEEDED TO HAVE A LONGER SHOW FOR THE FINALE!

    Jamey Garner in one word? HOT! (meow!)
    I'm SURE we'll be seeing more of him! (SURE HOPE SO!)

    I've always been a Charlie Robison fan (more so than a fan of his wife) so, I definately think Charlie is the "RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB"

    I can't wait to be driving down the road and hear Buddy Jewell come on my radio!!!!!!

    AGAIN...Jamey Garner in one word: HOT! (ha ha)

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    LOL I cried too!!! Dont be ashamed!

    I was just so happy for Buddy, and I've wanted him to win SO BADLY and I was afraid to hope for it so when it happened, yeah I got weepy too LOL ...

    Looked like TRacy was playing the guitar, I dont think Robert was... what would they do with 3 guitars, that would be a little much? lol.

    PS: Whatsit2U, you wouldn't happen to be a Clay Walker fan ... hehe (wild question I know and off topic oh well, had to ask)

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    I can't wait for his new CD to come out. (gee...what was the first clue I was a Clay fan!?!?) (ha)

    Not sure what night, but I just read that Buddy is supposed to be on Letterman this week. I read that he flies out tomorrow for NY to meet with Sony and that while he is in NY he is going to be on Letterman. Amazing how his life will change, huh?

    I can't wait to see him perform live on the Grand Ol Opry. The night they told them the winner gets to perform live on the Opry Buddy grabbed his heart and looked awe struck. What an emotional night that will be! I better grab a Bud Light and Kleenex for that show!

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    LOL ... well .... what made me think of it.. here's a hint:

    "Love is the rhythm of two hearts beating....pounding out a message, steady and true...."


    I am a HUGE HUGE Clay Walker fan.... I love him & I can't wait for his new CD to come out either..just heard his new single playing on KFRG.

    Are you in the Crazy4Clay club & on the Clay messageboard?
    It's cool meeting another Clay fan (not to be confused with AI lol)

    Back to Buddy..

    When's the Opry show? I'll have to tape it..so I can see it again, I'm sure it'll be GREAT...

    I dont know about you, but I've just made room for Buddy right next to Clay LOL :-) (oh maybe clay's a notch up still...)

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