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Thread: Which was better: AI "Country Rock" or Nashville Star "Pop Goes Country"

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    Which was better: AI "Country Rock" or Nashville Star "Pop Goes Country"

    Everyone associated with American Idol should be forced to view a tape of Saturday's "Nashville Star" which did "Pop Goes Country." It's a clinic on how to do a country/rock episode.

    If anyone hasn't seen this little gem of a show on Saturday nights, it just kicks AI's butt to hog heaven -- there's a live backup band, virtually all the contestants play an instrument, and they are all singer-songwriters. Only Clay Aiken, Vanessa Olivarez and Kimberley Locke of AI2 could hope to be as good as the performers on this show.

    Here's a list of the songs from "Pop Goes Country", with the person who performed it:

    "We Belong" -- Pat Benatar performed by Amy Chappell

    Earlier in the series, Amy did a country version of "Son Of A Preacher Man" which Julia DeMato ought to have watched.

    "Some Kind of Wonderful" -- Grand Funk Railroad performed by John Arthur Martinez

    This guy would never get past Simon Cowell because he so doesn't look like a singer -- but he is so talented.

    "Please Come To Boston" -- Dave Loggins performed by Buddy Jewell

    If Buddy ever sang a song on American Idol, the audience would demand that the AI contestants leave.

    "Faithfully" -- Journey performed by Jamey Garner

    I would love to send a tape of this performance to Corey Clark and Randy Jackson. Corey would quit the show.

    "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" -- Bryan Adams performed by Brandi Gibson

    The judges on NS don't like Brandi for doing this song -- but she can outsing every one of the AI2 females.

    "Here I Go Again" -- Whitesnake performed by Brandon Silvera

    How one transforms a hair band rock song into a country song. No one on AI2 can do that.

    "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" -- England Dan and John Ford Coley performed by Prentiss Varnon

    Prentiss (eliminated tonight) -- his song was the least pop of the performances, but he was authentic country.

    "Hurt So Good" -- John Mellencamp performed by Miranda Lambert

    Imagine on of the AI2 people even attempting to do this song not as a country song.

    And next week? All they have to do is perform a song that they wrote themselves. Let's see Ruben, Kimberly Caldwell, Carmen or Corey try that.

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    "The judges on NS don't like Brandi for doing this song -- but she can outsing every one of the AI2 females."

    I think Trenyce sings better than Brandy.

    I forget what the thread was askin and too tired to look.

    I'll check this out again when I'm at work : )

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    I'm a country music fan, BUT I have never been a fan of popsongs that have been turned into country...... it just never sits right.. not sure who came up with that idea, but ... uh....

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    Ok, Brandy is the best on that show and should win. (Her or Buddy) but yeah, that was better than Country Rock night. But I don't think everyone on NS is better than AI. Like, John Arthur, please go home. Same with Harmonica Boy. Everyone else is probably better than or on par with AI. I really think Brandy and Buddy are better than anyone on AI.

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    I really do like the live band on NS. I've been getting annoyed on AI lately, because the karaoke music and background vocals are drowning out the contestants' voices.

    It's really not fair to compare these shows, though. There is no age limit on NS, and evidently no requirement about having never been a professional performer. The NS contestants are on the whole older and a lot more experienced. AI is more about finding a complete unknown at the very beginning of his or her singing career.

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    I just saw it for the first time, and I must say I was extremely impressed. You're right about it being better than AI on almost every front. What stood out for me was:

    - Almost every contestant had a voice on par or better than the top 3 in the current AI crop. If that's what you get for loosening the contestant requirements, I say it's a great idea. As long as they stick with young contestants.

    - The judges actually took notes and had interesting and relevant comments after each performance.

    - At the end of the show, the judges privately vote and immediately kick somebody off. How great is that! None of Fox's painful "after the messages" string-you-along crap that flaunts in our face how willing they are to sell out their audience for maximum profit.

    - And if that doesn't convince you, the following words were actually used "sweetheart, you don't need any of that codependency bullshit", which translated into AI terms is "it all comes down to song selection...blah blah blah...this wasn't my favorite song on you...blah blah blah, blah blah blah" I like the NS version much better.

    It's just too bad it's country.

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    The answer to the question "which was better" is a tough one. I think both of those shows were the weakest of their respective seasons. All in all, I think the NS competitors are better singers and better performers. I also like the format of the show a little better, and seeing a live band takes away that karaoke feel. I guess I lean towards NS goes pop rather than AI goes country.

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    the live band definitely makes things a lot more interesting with Nashville Star & also the fact that most of the contestants play guitar and other instruments along with their performance, which once again shows that they have more talents than just standing on the stage and singing.

    I think maybe AI should do something similar to "perk up" their show next season, maybe do singer/songwriter, that would bring a lot of multi-talented people in, new music & people who can play their own instruments. But what do I know....

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