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Thread: Nashville Star Recap – “Foot in Mouth Disease” – Episode 2 - 3/15

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    Nashville Star Recap – “Foot in Mouth Disease” – Episode 2 - 3/15

    This weeks show gave us a stunning combination of ridiculous comments and awkward moments. Clearly our jovial judge, Robert, showed up with both feet planted firmly in his mouth and it spread like a contagious disease among nearly everyone in attendance.

    We begin the night with clips of last weeks show and the 12 finalists moving into their new digs in Nashville. Everybody seemed to be having a great time and Miranda even said that, “We’re like a big family already”. Cut to the Acuff Theater as Nancy gives us a rundown on the show. Over the course of the competition each of the competitors will sing classic country songs, their own originals, and duets with some of their country heros. The judges are reintroduced and then it’s competition time.

    First up is Nashville Star’s youngest singer,Miranda Lambert. We see clips of Miranda with her family and find out that this is her “first time leaving home”. Miranda was confident as she came out on stage and she looked great in her denim dress. She sang Honkey Tonk Blues and she sang it well. Let’s hear what the judges have to say. Robert started off fine, but it was all downhill from there. “If you’re this good at 19, Miranda, it’s scary to think what you’re going to be like at 30. This is a really tough job tonight. We brought you folks here ‘cause we love you all , but it’s like having 12 puppies in the pound, and 11 of them have to die.” As the audience groans, Miranda replies, “I guess I’m the runt then, I guess I’m the runt.” I’m embarrassed for both of them and am thankful as we move on to the other 2 judge’s comments. Charlie thought she was “wonderful” and Tracy thought she did a “great job”. Just when we think we are safe from any more puppy comments, Nancy greets Miranda and asks her about it. Miranda replies, “If I am a puppy, I wanna be the littlest one, ‘cause they’re always the cutest. {teeheehee}” Oh jeeze. Can we please move on now?

    Next up is Buddy Jewel. We see clips of Buddy in the studio singing demos before he makes his way onto the stage. Buddy sings Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye. He sounded good on the high notes and he finished strong. Charlie complimented his song choice and thought he did a great job. Well, no big surprise, Tracy said, “I love you” and Robert had high praise for his performance. As Nancy greets him, Buddy slipped his arm around her. She commented on his trembling hand and he responded with, “That’s just ‘cause I’m holding you”. What otherwise would have been a cute comeback seemed forced and awkward. Nancy pretended to swoon for a second, but the effect was uncomfortable to watch.

    As we’ve come to expect from Nashville Star, it’s time for some more video clips. We see the contestants arriving in Nashville and exploring the house they will be sharing. They all seem to be really impressed. There are musical instruments hanging on the walls and country music memorabilia everywhere. Travis is particularly moved by a giant Johnny Cash poster on the wall. Several of the finalists get some one-on-one camera time as they tell us their first impressions of the house and the people they will be living with. They express a lot of respect for the talent that has been assembled and they love the house. On their first night Clint Black shows up to give them words of encouragement. Back at the Acuff Nancy says, “How cool was that? Dr. Clint making a housecall? I can assure you he made everybody well.” As she realizes how completely cheesy that line was she tries to laugh it off and we’re left with that awkward feeling again.

    Fortunately, it’s time for another contestant, giving Nancy a chance to take a deep breath and dig in for the rest of the show. Brandon Silveira is up next. He was having so much fun walking out on stage he almost missed his cue. Brandon sang Act Naturally. He hammed it up and gave a performance that was really fun to watch. He did well enough that he actually turned Tracy around. She criticized him last week, but thought he did a “great job” this week. Robert directed his comment to Tracy, “We told you, we told you, but you wouldn’t listen”. With the tone in his voice, he might as well have been saying “Neener neener neener, you’re a big dumb weener”. Charlie liked Brandon again this week and even drew comparisons to himself. OK, it’s up to Nancy now. She seems really excited to feel Brandon’s spiky hair, so she asks him, “Can I touch it?”. Through a big smirk Brandon replies, “If I had a nickel for every time someone asked to touch it…” Zing! Good one, Brandon. As the crowd grasps the innuendo Nancy is oblivious and barges right into her next question, “How long does that take?”. How Brandon managed to make it though the rest of the exchange without actually laughing at Nancy is a mystery. That couldn’t have been easy for such a cheeky monkey.

    Next to the stage is Anne Louise Blythe. In her clips she tells us that she left her family and her boyfriend in California to pursue a singing career in Nashville 2 years ago. I’m not quite sure why Anne chose to sing Poor, Poor Pitiful Me again, since the judges weren’t all that impressed with it the last time. Go figure. I thought her performance was a little awkward. Charlie didn’t think she was “unique”. Being a big Warren Zevon fan, I completely agreed with Robert’s assessment, “Somebody ruined it before you”. Tracy complimented her, and I think it was just her way of buffering the other negative comments, because it really wasn’t a performance worth complimenting. OK, Nancy, what have you got for us this time? When Anne plugged the name of the restaurant she waits tables at, Nancy brought up the subject of tipping and wanted to know what she thought of the judges tips. Anne responded with, “They were all right, a little under 20%, which is kinda sad, but , you know, it’s all right, you know, the next table will probably be better, you never know, you never know, coin toss, you know”. Oh my God. I hope Nancy learned her lesson about asking the contestants for analogies. That rambling nonsense was downright painful. Did I happen across a Foot-In-Mouth Parade by mistake?

    Hey, I know, why don’t we see what Clint Black has to say about the evening? He compliments the audience and tells us how hard it is to sing in front of the “3 judgmental amigos”. Pretty insightful stuff. Before we cut to commercial, Nancy says, “12 people, 5 bedrooms, folks, you do the math”. Cut to Travis, “I have no idea how Prentiss ended up in the girls room”. Cut to footage of a coin toss. Cut to Prentiss, “I ended up winning”. Oh great, we have to sit on pins and needles as the commercials play waiting to see if Prentiss scores with the ladies.

    As the show comes back we see how the sleeping arrangements were settled. When the ladies came through the front door for the first time, they went scurrying all over the house checking everything out, and the guys took over the coolest bedrooms as soon as they stumbled on them. Buddy is rooming with John Arthur, Jamey with Travis, Brandon is flying solo, Amy and Anne Louise are together, Tasha is with Brandi, and Prentiss gets to shack up with Kristen and Miranda.

    Let’s get back to the competition. After a few video clips from home Travis Howard makes his way to the stage. It becomes apparent that Travis is an energy/personality guy as soon as he starts singing Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain. It has some charm, because Travis is charming, but the vocals are weak. Charlie tells him it was the wrong song choice for him. Tracy disagreed and called him an “outlaw”. Robert also disagreed with Charlie, he liked the song choice. It was a close call, but Travis managed to escape without full insertion of his foot into his mouth while talking to Nancy. She asked him if there were any budding romances in the house. He took the 5th and got all fumbly mumbly. It was kind of cute, but embarrassing, just the same.

    After some clips of Brandi Gibson she sings a beautiful rendition of Walking After Midnight. I’m not exaggerating when I say the crowd went wild for her. She was so stunned, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming to her eyes. Tracy comment? “I just have one thing to say – WOOOOOOOOOO!”. Robert “loved it”. Charlie told her, “It’s impossible to make a Patsy Cline song your own. You did it.” She meets with Nancy, and for the first time tonight we see that crying eyes can help mouths remain foot-free.

    Next up is Prentiss Varnon with Hey Good Lookin’. Although Prentiss showed more personality this week, his vocals were not very strong. Robert thought he did an “OK job” and told him that he wanted him “to stand out more from the pack”. Charlie disagreed, he liked the performance. Tracy agreed with Robert. When Nancy asked him how he scored the only room with the girls he replied, “Well, I’ll tell ya, I think that’s what causes everybody to watch next week. I can’t say. I’m, you know, I, you’re gonna have to tune in next week for the show to find out.” Huh? I guess he felt put on the spot, but his words were so unnatural and forced I just had to wince.

    We’re moving on as Amy Chappell takes the stage. Amy sang Son of a Preacher Man, one of my all-time favorite songs. Amy has a good voice but it’s more soft than strong. She did a pretty good job. Tracy thought she was “endearing” but didn’t like the song choice. Robert and Charlie both really liked her performance. Her rapport with Nancy and the judges was the strongest we have seen for the night. She was confident and charming and she completely escaped the curse of foot-in-mouth night.

    After a few more cheese bits from Clint Black about how everyone has been “fun to watch” Kristen Kissling is next. We see clips from Kristen’s pre-school and then she struts out onto stage wearing another hot outfit. Her song for the night is Heartbreak Hotel. She probably would have done an adequate job with the song if she wasn’t constantly trying to impersonate Elvis. Robert thought her rendition stripped the meaning from the song. Charlie flirted with her but didn’t comment on her performance at all. Tracy thought she was “pitchy at times” but had a “great stage presence”. Oh no. Here comes Nancy, “You’re a teacher, so you grade people all the time”. Kristen responds, “Right, right.” Nancy continues, “I’ll give you the chance to say what kind of grade would you give them on their comments about you?” Oh God no. Here we go again. Kristen answers, “Ehhhhh, maybe 7, 8ish, 10ish, 9ish, a little in the middle, Ummmmm, I really was over a 10, I think I mean”. Obviously a failed attempt at putting her feet behind her head has landed them both squarely in her mouth. Nice smile though.

    It’s a relief that John Arthur Martinez is next. There is no way this guy is going to crumble. After clips of his supportive family, John Arthur makes his way to stage. He sings When You Say Nothing At All. He sounded a little nervous in the beginning, but he found his groove. His voice is warm but not strong. He ended the song in Spanish and overall sounded really good. Tracy called him “compelling” again. Robert and Charlie both expressed how much they like him but didn’t particularly comment on his performance. John Arthur was very comfortable and genuine with Nancy, and from seeing the other competitors, that must be quite a difficult thing to achieve.

    It’s time for more video clips, so we are shown parts of the first major meeting with the contestants and Sony Record Executives. They all sit across from each other at long tables and the contestants hear some hard talk about what they can expect in the upcoming weeks. The shot cuts away and we are taken to the studio as they each record a country standard for the Nashville Star CD.

    Now it’s time to wrap up tonight’s competition with our last two performers. We see clips of Natasha Valentine and her unusual style. Nancy introduces her as “Tasha”. It’s the first time we’ve heard her called that, but OK, Tasha it is. She makes her way onto the stage and is wearing a retro dress and hairstyle. She belts out Your Cheatin’ Heart with confidence. Charlie thought she sang “a little too close to Patsy Cline”. Robert had nothing but compliments and told her, “you belong on that stage”. Tracy agreed with Charlie. Tasha has a strong rapport with the judges and Nancy, and seemed to have a great time bantering with them. She seemed very natural except for all that wink winking. When she said, “…I can’t put my feet behind my head, Charlie, but I’m a nice girl {wink wink}”, the crowd went wild again. Nancy finished the conversation with, “That’s all right, Charlie can put his foot in his mouth though, better than anybody”. Ummm, Nancy, honey, look around you, he’s got some pretty stiff competition.

    The last singer of the night is Jamey Garner. After clips from his home, Jamey takes the stage playing his harmonica. His song choice is Two More Bottles of Wine. He was confident and gave a strong performance, but I still didn’t perceive much feeling from him. Right at the end he threw in a really weird sounding “Wi wi i i i i i ine”. I don’t know where that came from, but I’m glad he only did it once. Robert said, “Way to go Jamey”. Tracy told him, “You’d make a great record”. All Charlie had to say was, “Hey, kick ass dude”. All in all, it went pretty well for Jamey. That is until Nancy got a hold of him for some failed attempts at witty banter and awkward silence.

    With the performances complete we are brought back to the green room with Clint Black and all 12 finalists. Clint gives them words of support and wishes them all good luck. The judges will be sending someone home tonight before the viewing audience gets a chance to vote. Nancy has the envelope, but she pauses for dramatic effect…………..Anne Louise Blythe will be going home tonight. All the girls burst into tears as the 12 huddle together on stage. Nancy tries to extract Anne from the group with, “Anne, come out here honey”. No luck, because Anne is being hugged by the huddle. Nancy tries again, “They love her, I gotta tell you, come here Anne, I wanna talk to you for a minute.” The desperation is starting to show in her voice as she tries one more time, “Look at all the tears, AND a standing ovation, Anne, I gotta talk to you for a minute here.” Nancy is finally able to extricate Anne Louise from the crowd so she can give her some encouragement before sending her packing.

    OK, it’s up to us now, the viewing audience has 3 hours to vote by phone, text message, or internet. As the credits run we see the finalists back at the Nashville Star house gathered around a computer screen reading comments from fans and nay-sayers on an internet forum, not unlike our own, here at the FORT. Maybe they’ll give us a peek too.

    See y’all next week!

    Comments or questions on the recap? Contact Zhora@fansofrealitytv.com.

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    Great recap, Z! You really captured that feeling of awkwardness well. I really think the primary culprit was Nancy. When she didn't know what to ask, she asked dumb questions related to the judges' feedback. The contestants never knew how to tackle those kinds of questions so they struck this impossible line of being respectful and sassy. Result: complete awkwardness. Ouch.

    Anyway, terrific job! I laughed out loud at "Oh God no". Looking forward to your treatment of next week's show.
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    Great job, Z!

    Loved this:

    Kristen answers, “Ehhhhh, maybe 7, 8ish, 10ish, 9ish, a little in the middle, Ummmmm, I really was over a 10, I think I mean”. Obviously a failed attempt at putting her feet behind her head has landed them both squarely in her mouth. Nice smile though.

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    Fantastic Zhora!

    I liked this quote:

    She probably would have done an adequate job with the song if she wasn’t constantly trying to impersonate Elvis.
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