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Thread: Remember, you can vote online! (Voting instructions)

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    Remember, you can vote online! (Voting instructions)

    There are three ways to vote for your favorite Nashville Star performer each Saturday night. Voting is open for three hours following each live broadcast. Remember, each week you will be voting for the performer you liked MOST, not the performer you liked least.

    Each week, every performer will have a toll-free number assigned to them which you can use to call and vote using a touch tone phone. These phone numbers will be provided to you repeatedly during each live broadcast. If you miss or forget the number you need, the phone numbers will also be provided for you on the voting page of the official Nashville Star website.

    NOTE: The phone numbers will be changing from week to week, so there's no need to write them down and save them.

    When voting begins, simply visit the homepage of the official Nashville Star website (by clicking here, or on the Nashville Star logo at the top of this forum ) and click where it says CLICK HERE TO VOTE! You'll then see a page which lists all of that evening's contestants and the name of the song they performed (as well as their toll free phone number and text messaging number, should you choose to vote that way). Simply click the button to the left of the performer you liked best, enter your e-mail address in the space provided, and click the SUBMIT button.

    NOTE: As an added bonus, after you submit your vote you'll be given the opportunity to register to win weekly Nashville Star giveaways, receive the official Nashville Star newsletter, and more!

    What is SMS?
    SMS ('short messaging service'), or 'text messaging', is available on many cell phone handsets. For Nashville Star, text messages are composed by typing your contestant's individual voting number on your cell phone keypad and then sending it to the 'short-code' 7827 (spells out STAR).

    How do I vote using SMS?
    As with the toll-free voting, each contestant will also be assigned his or her own contestant number during the show. To vote by SMS, if you are a subscriber of AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cingular, Nextel, or Cellular South, simply watch Nashville Star each Saturday night on USA Network and then send a text message with your favorite contestant's number to 7827 (STAR). For example, to vote for Natasha Valentine (#11), compose an SMS to 7827 where the message is '11' and you've done it! You will receive a message confirming your vote shortly thereafter.

    NOTE: SMS voting will open at the end of each show. Voting will NOT be open during the show.

    Is the SMS vote system the same as the toll-free system?
    The design of the SMS voting is exactly the same as the toll-free voting system in terms of open and close times. The contestant numbers will also be very similar. If you wish to vote for contestant 2, for example, you can either call 1-866-978-2702, or send an SMS to 7827 (STAR) with '2' as the message.

    Who can vote using SMS?
    SMS voting is open to AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cingular, Nextel, and Cellular South subscribers with SMS handset facilities ONLY. AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cingular, Nextel, and Cellular South subscribers with area codes from within the Continental U.S. can cast their SMS vote for the next "Nashville Star." If you are not an AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cingular, Nextel, or Cellular South subscriber, you can vote using the standard toll-free numbers and Internet voting.

    When can I vote using SMS?
    Voting for Nashville Star opens after the show each week and will stay open for three hours after each live broadcast, subject to local time zone limitations. If you attempt to vote outside of these times, you will receive an 'invalid vote' message.

    How much does it cost to vote via SMS?
    SMS voting for AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Cingular, Nextel, and Cellular South subscribers varies depending on your carrier subscription package. You will be charged standard messaging rates. Please check with your carrier about rates for this service.

    I received an 'invalid vote' SMS - why?
    If you receive an 'invalid vote' SMS, it may be that you are voting outside of the voting window after the show, subject to local time zone limitations. Valid votes are based upon the time of RECEIPT of your SMS vote message. Or, if you sent a message but did not send a valid contestant number within that message, then we can't count your vote and you will receive an 'invalid vote' message.

    When I tried to vote, my handset said 'message cannot be sent' - why?
    Like the toll-free voting, the SMS network is designed to handle huge volumes of votes simultaneously. However, there may be times (particularly just after the show ends) when it will not be able to handle every message due to network congestion. When this happens, 'message cannot be sent' will appear on your handset.

    Vote often, you are helping to choose the next Nashville !

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    I was all set to go on-line and vote, then Nancy says at the end of the show that there's only a 3-hour window to vote? Is that right? I watched the show on tape last night, so I guess I won't get a chance to vote.
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    Well that explains what happened. I spent 2 hours on the site trying to find where to vote. That sucks, I tape the show and watch it Wednesday night, when there is nothing much on other that American Idol. Guess I better start watching it live Saturdays so I can vote for Miranda.

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    yeah have to vote right after the show & also I think the voting site was having major overload problems, I tried for like 30 mins before I could get through lol...ah well.

    I wish AI would put voting online as well

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