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    Who do you think the judges will choose to eliminate this Saturday? Who do you think will be the first eliminated by the public? If you could choose to eliminate someone from the competition, who would it be and why?

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    I don't think I saw enough of their performances to really decide who I think should be going home.

    I think the judges decision will be an interesting one. Tracy will want to send Brandon packing, Charlie will want Buddy to leave. I don't think Robert really had any specific dislike for any of the finalists, so unless any of the performers really tank their next performance his vote will probably be the swing vote.

    The people's choice vote is going to be a hard one to call until we can see each performer sing at least one whole song.

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    I agree, it's hard to say right now since the show basically only showed clips of the contestant singing last Saturday.
    I've still got a hard time remembering most of the contestants just because of the way they did that, it's like they flashed through them.

    I think it'll be easier to tell after this saturday's episode, hopefully we'll get to see them sing a whole song

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    Yeah, they flashed through the contestants pretty quickly. There was just enough footage to come up with some first impressions. Right now my favorites are Travis, Natasha, John, Brandon, and Amy. That's mostly based on personality. There were more clips of them off-stage than on-stage.

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    Well, we've seen them all perform now. Anne Louise is gone, thanks to the judges. Who do you think America voted for? Who do you think received the least number of votes?

    I think the bottom 3 will probably be Prentiss, Travis, and John Arthur. I think Kristen will probably garner the hottie vote, keeping her safe this week. I hope I'm wrong. I would like Travis and John Arthur to stick around for awhile.

    Does anybody know how the audience vote will be announced? Will they just tell us who is leaving or will they reveal the top and/or bottom of the pack?

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    I think that.... the next to go will be:

    Bottom 3: Kristen, Travis & hmmm.....chick with the guitar (not lambert, the other one.... she's good but so anonymous, didn't really STAND OUT enough.....) (audience vote)
    ... I would like for Travis & John ARthur to stick around as well, I thought JA was really sweet, I think he'll appeal to the crowd... + he's mexican country singer, ya know how many votes he'll get for just that? He's got a huge fan basis right there

    Next judges vote... ah... I dont know, we'll have to see next performances but.... if the kindergarten teacher isn't kicked by the audience... I dont think its THAT easy to impress the judges themselves with skimpy outfits alone......

    Not sure how they'll reveal the audience votes, but since they're doing it infront of the show, I think they're just gonna get it over with right away. then move on to the show. I think that's cool.... I understand American Idol wants to make a 30 minute show out of something that could be done 5 minutes before tuesday's show, but I think I like the Nashville STar way of doing it much better.......

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    Oh jeeze, I forgot that the judges kick someone else to the side at the end of the show this Saturday. I hope you're right, Wyndemere, and the judges choose Kristen if the viewers don't.

    I like the format of Nashville Star better than American Idol too. It's nice not having to tune in for a second night just to wait around for the boot announcement.

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    Please let it be Kristin. My ears can't take anymore.

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    Good one, Eden.

    I didn't find her quite as painful to listen to as a couple of the AI finalists, but that's not really saying much.

    If the voting was for who to kick off instead of who to keep around, I think she would have a better chance of being eliminated by vote this Saturday.

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    yeah...but it's probably more fair to have people vote for their favorites & I'm sure it's also a marketing stunt to see who people like & who they should put on theri commercials etc for the show...

    Let's hope Kristen's curves didnt affect too many viewers ....

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