Welcome to the new "Nashville Star" forum, premiering this Saturday on USA.

Zhora will be making her recapping debut on this show, so I hope for her sake that if it's not good, at least it's cheesy enough to supply some jokes. Go easy on her, and maybe we'll be able to convince her to do more recaps in the future.

If you're a contestant on the show, or know a contestant really well, and you'd like to talk about your side, you should e-mail Zhora at zhora@fansofrealitytv.com and she'll set something up.

Keep in mind, we keep things around here PG-13. Posts will be moderated with that in mind. Please keep things civil, and also attempt to keep similar thoughts combined in threads together (for example, all comments about a particular contestant should be in that contestant's thread - not in a separate new thread). We will combine and move threads as appropriate to keep things organized for our visitors.

Thank you!