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Thread: This years Show

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    This years Show

    The talent of this years show is just over the top. I think that all of them are great and deserve record deals.
    As far as format I still like the format of season 1. I liked those judges the best (especially since all of them are from some part of the music industry).

    Usually by now I have a favorite, but this year, I just can't decide. So at least I have narrowed it down to 4, and like I said above I think they are all great but for my tastes here are my favorites;

    1/2. Chris Young/Matt Mason
    3. Melanie Torres
    4. Kristen McNamara
    5. Jarrod Ashley
    6. Casey Rivers
    7. Nicole Jambone

    with that said, who I think will go next week: Kristen McNamara (unfortunatly)

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    The talent is pretty deep this season but the judges...blecchh! They're useless!! Phil Vassar never met a contestant he didn't like. Anastasia Brown kinda tries to give some constructive criticism but I just don't really like her. And the guest judge...why? What's the point of having Larry the Cable Guy or some bonehead wrestler spouting jibberish?

    Other than that, I love Matt Mason (awesome last night with the Hank Sr.!) and Casey Rivers was excellent too. Lots of good stuff going on! Melanie Torres is really good and I don't usually like women singers! Jarod Ashley...love him for his style and just because he's kind of a local boy, being from Hobbs, NM.
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    I have to agree with you CorgisRule, the talent this year is indeed over the top. I said that to my wife on night 1. Everyone on here is better than evreryone on AI with the possible exception of Taylor Hicks (IMO).

    Speaking of my humble opinion, I was highly disappointed when the judges eliminated Jewlz on the first night. I think America got it right the next week when eliminating Shy, but he should have been gone week one and Jewlz should have had another shot. However, of the remaining contstants, although they all are very, very good, I think that Chris Young and Nicole Jamrose are a cut above and the rest are chasing those two with Chris Young being the one to beat in spite of Anastasia's inane comments to Chris about what hat he wears and "Casey took a chance and you didn't, you do the math". Well, Anastatia, I don't think the voters take that into consideration and that's the math that counts. She is only second to Paula Abdul in getting on my last nerve.

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    04-04-06 show

    Well last night show was again great!!!

    I was soooo sorry to see Melanie Torres go.but at this point I still think that they are all great.

    (Just my opinion) and stating again I think that any of the contestants could get a record deal

    I am still having a hard time picking one that stands out of the pack because they all have their own great style, But after last night here are my rankings.

    1. Chris Young
    2. Kristin McManara - I think she gets better each week
    3. Matt Mason - not a fan of the nasely sound/would like to see him do a slow song
    4, Jarrod Young
    5. Nicole Jamrose - I also think that she gets better each week
    6. Casey Rivers

    I really enjoyed Naomi Judd being a judge. She came in impartial and had some VERY constructive critisims. They need to get rid of the judges that are not in the business and get someone in there that knows what he/she is listening to.

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    ITA about Naomi Judd as a judge. She knows what she is talking about, she bases her judgements on relevant criteria, and she gives constructive criticism that may actually help the contestants improve.
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