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Thread: So nobody is watching this...

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    I watch this show but never live. It airs opposite TAR so I have to DVR it and sometimes don't watch it till the weekend. I like it I just wish it was on at a better time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasgirl73 View Post
    I'm watching, I've watched every season, just not a whole lot to talk about. The time doesn't really bother me...I watch Idol then go right into Nashville Star. But I don't like the guest judges at all...that's fine if they want to do something like that, they just need to get judges who have a background in music/songwriting/something remotely in the music business!
    Ditto on eveything you said, texasgirl. I began watching last year when I became so disinterested in Idol. I wanted to see what all the snarky references to Nashville Star in the Idol threads were all about.

    I loved the Hootenanny guy from last year, who was a cop: Buddy???? But this year, no one really interests me so I have nothing to post about, yet. The time doesn't bother me; I switch to it right after Idol so I have an entire evening of music to listen to.
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    Marleybone: I love your pics of your dog...too cute!!

    I watch Nashville Star sometimes, me and my boyfriend like the layout better. Seems like less annoying filler. I only like a couple of the contestants and think most of the guys look creepy.

    I wonder what would have happened if oh that AI winner that contry would have went in this show? What's her name.....ugh...Jesus Take The Wheel chick?? Anyway...wonder what would have happened?

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    i'm def watching too (and i know a bunch of friends who are fans...) i kinda like having it during the week (plus they have the repeats for anyone who doesn't like the timing). also i heard that AR moving nights or something.

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    There is a rumour on the TAR board that it is moving to Wednesday night. Not sure when, but opposite Deal or No Deal. Hopefully this will help both in the ratings.

    My fav is Matt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augie View Post
    There is a rumour on the TAR board that it is moving to Wednesday night. Not sure when, but opposite Deal or No Deal. Hopefully this will help both in the ratings.

    My fav is Matt.
    That would be great. DOND will run its course (remember everyone OD'ing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?) then TAR will have it's own night. Tuesday's just too busy.

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    Okay... I am watching this show days later... but I just got to comment.

    Why is Matt Mason still a contestant? I have not liked any of his performance's. There is just something lacking in general with him. I was stun to see him make it past the cuts this week. All I can figure is his townfolks are voting like crazy.

    I still like the same two guys. Casey and the boy with that beyond ugly hat. The only girl I had liked got cut the last time...

    What did crack me up.... when Naomi Judd was there... giving "clothing advice".

    Lordy has she not looked in the mirror lately?

    I hate to say it...but bless her heart, she has never had any concept of good fashion. She just dresses horribly.

    Then to make mean comments to any female on national TV about their lack of style made me realize Naomi is blind. Plus it looked like ole Naomi has purchased herself a set of DD's. She just looked like a train wreck.

    But I can say at least Naomi's hair color is not purple. The last time I saw her on TV she had her hair dyed some wine/purple color.

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    Unfortunately, this show is definitely in a bad time slot and what
    makes it worse is the judges. Anastasia is the only honest one. Phil
    Vassar keeps giving the same old comments, yeah your great, your
    awesome, keep what your doing, blah blah blah. If this was on a
    major network it might do better. The people in the midwest on central
    standard time are the only ones that can stay up to watch the damn
    thing without losing any sleep. Hope they can find a slot on Friday
    nights or back to Saturday. Even Sunday around 7 p.m. would be
    better. I enjoy this show but I missed it on Tuesday (guilty)
    because I keep forgetting that its on. From what I see there aren't
    too many Fort members interested in country music otherwise they
    might check this show out and support it a little more.

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    I prefer the female judge from the first season much more than Anastacia

    I am still loving the show and watch it every week. I enjoy Matt Mason so I can see why he is still around
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    I loved the female judge from the first season...what was her name? Her sister is an actress, I think she was in "Showgirls" - (Gina Gershon) Anyway, she was a much better judge and I don't remember her constantly flaunting her cleavage in the face of America on every episode!
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