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Thread: Show Discussion 3/21 **Spoilers**

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    Show Discussion 3/21 **Spoilers**

    Please keep the discussion for tonight's show in this thread until 2am EST.

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    I came in here looking for a discussion... I only saw the last 45 minutes but there is some great talent here.

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    I wanted to record it since it was on against TAR but I forgot. I'll have to watch for the replay during the week...and speedy's recap!
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    Where is everybody?

    I really look forward to this show but it seems to be sliding around the schedule. It was on at 7 pm tonite and I missed it. Judging from the number of people on this thread, either nobody likes it or they missed the show.

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    It was on at 10:00 Eastern Time, and that's about the time I go to bed (since I have to get up at 5:30). I watched the first 2 singers, liked the first guy, second gal was okay. Most of the part of the show I saw was shameless self-promo by Larry the Cable Guy, and banter by the hosts. I don't like having a guest judge every week, especially if they aren't even in the music business. I like Larry the C.G. well enough.

    I taped it, at least I hope it worked. After I watch it I'll have a better opinion, but for right now I think this show tanked out after the first 2 very entertaining seasons. It's less about the new talent (which of the past winners have you heard on the radio lately?), and more about promoting current acts.

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    i thought it was a great epi. definitely some of the best performance so far. i love, love, loved Casey's performance! and thought Chris was great as well. Looks like we should have a good season coming up

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    Can someone tell me who was booted? I TiVo'd, but won't be able to watch till the weekend.

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    I'm not a country fan, so this is the first show I've ever watched. I'll have to say I was very impressed with the level of talent, even though the theme was "Redneck Revolution Night." I guess that was fitting with Larry the Cable Guy as a judge.

    Shy Blakeman was the one who got the boot.

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    Had to record the show last night, but have now had a chance to check out this second episode.

    Awkward moment of the evening? The clip of Larry's upcoming movie. Perhaps it's just me, but when you are showing a one minute video clip and have to keep bleeping for language, it's kind of hard to follow the jokes.

    Anastasia vaguely reminds me of Nancy Kerrigan. Only a very attractive version. (I'd be fine if she wore that same outfit every week, sheesh)

    Kristen McNamara vaguely reminds me of Natalie Maines from Dixie Chicks. Maybe not quite as strong of a vocalist, perhaps.

    Still with those who do not feel Monique is country. Good vocals, but to me sounds way out of place with this group of singers.

    Didn't really expect Larry to have any negative (or constructive, for that matter) feedback to offer the contestants, but he sure had me cracking up a few times.

    Again, what is with the crowd reactions when they announce the evictee?? I just don't get it.

    I did concur with this week's eviction, though.

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    I was sad to see Shy Blakeman get the boot last night. He was one of my favorites on the show, and would have loved to see what he was going to do for the redneck theme. According to the judges he was planning some Skynard... he would have rocked the joint with that!! The judges seemed surprised & sad that he got the boot also.

    My top two are Casey Rivers & Matt Mason, I loved their songs last night! They are both such little hotties too

    Jared really stepped it up this week, his cover of Big & Rich's Save A Horse was really good. I get the impression that Anastasia doesn't really care for him and the feeling is mutual on his part too

    I think Monique will be the one leaving next week.

    I agree with you about the shameless self-promotion of the guest artists/ judges. Why did Gretchen have to perform twice? Why not have another group number w/ all the Nashville Stars, or better yet, have them each sing an entire song.

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