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Thread: Show Discussion 3/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmaskat View Post
    Misty, I think it is being repeated on Saturday. Check the Nashville Star website for more airing times.
    Thanks xmaskat! I will try to catch it Saturday, or at least try to figure out how to get the vcr to record that channel

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    I'm definitely enjoying this season more than last. I like how Wynonna and Cowboy Troy are sharing more of a dual role. They seem to feed off each other which is cool. I'm just glad we got the Big & Rich appearance out of the way .

    The talent is pretty good as well. If for nothing, at least the finalists can mimmick the country artists. I was surprised that Jewels Hanson was dropped. The yodeling Kristen was horrible and Shy left me unimpressed.

    Apparently Jewels has a huge following in California and from reading up on her, she rocks a really good show.
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    Speedbump, Shy is a fairly well known indie artist in Texas. He had 3 songs that have made it on the Texas Music charts (get airplay on the Texas radio stations), and one of his songs is currently on the charts. He was also nominated for Texas Music Awards for his song "Knocking On Heaven's Door" which is quite an honor to get nominated. The winners will be announced 3-25-06.

    He is my favorite on the show, I will be watching in my bare feet
    Matt is my second favorite......wow, is he good looking!!

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    There seems to be lots of promising talent on this season, but I still can't stand the judges. They're just cheesy! I didn't like Anastasia last year and the same holds true this year. Phil Vassar...he likes everybody basically, not too much help there. And Big and Rich were just strange! I know they were only on the one episode so here's hoping for better guest judges in the future.
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    I love this show. And it took till Saturday for me to see it! That tuesday night show time... is not working for me.

    I can't name their names yet... but the guy with the Toby Keith hat... he needs a bath & shave... oh and he needs to burn the hat. hahaha!

    So here is my mini-rant...

    Yet again... like last year... I seriously wonder who dresses the girls. I am so sick of the sleazy hooker look. Only one of them came out dressed like she looked in a mirror.

    FYI: Cowboys do not wear pointy toe boots. Much less wear them with bell bottom pants. (I am looking at you Matt Mason)... Then I saw Jewels come out wearing the same style pants and boots. Maybe they got a deal on them down at Walmart.

    Moving on....

    The men nearly all sounded the same. With the exception of barefoot boy. He at least had his own sound. But none of them were terrible. Unless one of them sings bad in the next couple of weeks... I see more girls going home before the men.

    Now the girls... oh my.

    Okay, Miss New Mexico... when she did her lil' interview before she sang.. and said "I want my singing to touch people..." in her best Miss America voice... I just died laughing. If it was possible to vote against anyone I would be dialing right now...

    Miss Yodel... not so bad.. I hope she skips that trick next time... otherwise she had a nice voice.

    Girl in green shirt.. she would be on my list to leave next.

    And the broadway girl... really good voice... I hope she does something besides ballads. Something tells me she is into the ballads.

    I was not surprise by the girl they sent home. I didn't even know what to make of her and her big ole scary hair weave.

    I truly wonder about Big and Rich. Not so much John Rich... but Big Kenny. He always comes off a little slow. Like he has smoked a little too much weed while drinking a few beers.

    I also like the addition of Wynonna and Cowboy Troy. I like their banter... and how its obvious that Wynonna is trying not to laugh.

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    Not my favourite season, so far (although it does seem to hold a lot of promise).

    Can they please adjust the crowd volume for the next episode?? Crowd applause seemed so loud, I missed half of what the hosts were trying to yell above the crowd into the microphone. Very poor production quality, I felt.

    How odd was it when they announced the person being eliminated, and you hear a single yell in the audience (which sounded like someone who thought Jewels' name being called was a good thing), but otherwise, you could've heard a pin drop - like noone in the crowd realized they had just announced the first person eliminated, or didn't realize that polite applause was allowed, because the crowd just stood there in silence - which was all the more noticeable to me since I had been trying to block out the deafening crowd roar the entire previous 58 minutes of the show.

    For this first episode, the judges didn't really seem to add much substance in their critiques as far as vocals, seemed to be more focused on looks and stage theatrics, which I think should have a lot less emphasis on choosing a winner, so I'm hoping they'll get around to more focus on the vocals in the weeks to come.

    The questions Wynonna was asking some of the contestants once they had finished performing their song were just awkward at times, but got smoother as the show progressed. I think she'll make a great host, and I like the report between her and Troy, seems very natural.

    I think I'll enjoy this season a bit more once it gets underway.

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    I dont know... i'm sure they have some kinks they still need to work out but overall i really enjoyed it... like you said, i will def enjoy esp once the season really gets underway.

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    The girl who went home didn't sing that badly. Who's with me?

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