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Thread: Casey Rivers - Season 4

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    Casey Rivers - Season 4

    Casey Rivers comes to Nashville from Lindale, Texas. He began singing at age 3 and counts guitar and saxophone as his other musical talents. Casey's goal is obvious: to be a successful country music singer. But as long as he's doing something in music, he'll be happy.
    Casey cites Elvis Presley as a heavy musical influence. The first album he ever bought was by Elvis and when he grabs the karaoke mic, any Elvis song will do. The artist he'd love to do a duet with? Brad Paisley would be nice, as would Carrie Underwood, or Carrie Underwood and then maybe Carrie Underwood. It's only fitting that a man named Rivers would count fishing and "anything on water" as his hobbies outside music.

    Fun Facts on Casey Rivers:

    What is your favorite TV show? Movie? Book?
    TV show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Movie: Dumb and Dumber
    Book: The Bible

    Describe your fantasy vacation:
    Somewhere high in the mountains in a cabin with snow all around, or on some beach somewhere.

    Who are your heroes?
    My parents and our fighting men and women, past and present.

    Do you have any pets?
    A cat named Tooterbill.

    What is the best adjective used to describe you?

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    Think he likes Carrie Underwood?

    Great eyes.

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    I really don't like the picture. He face just looks too square for me. If I block out the Carrie Underwood parts and he has a good voice he could end up being my favorite.
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    Another fun fact about Casey: he hails from the same hometown as Miranda Lambert (Nashviille Star Season One)!!

    Here are a couple of websites where you can see videos of Casey performing at Christian Artists Talent Search:



    Here is the link to his website:


    He seems like a very nice young man with a good voice. Hope he does well.

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    How come I can't post on the Nashville Star part of this. I would love to be able to post on the Casey Rivers' threads. If this posts here...it's really going to be a mystery to me. I've been trying EVERYTHING! HELP!

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    Casey Rivers

    Casey is DEFINITELY my favorite. He has the best voice by far and his singing gives me chill bumps it's so good.

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    i thought casey was great last week and i'm looking forward to seeing his performance this week! i think he and chris will be the final two... i used to think chris was a shoo-in, but now i'm not so sure!

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    Either Chris or Casey would be great as the new Nashville Star! I hope it's them as the final 2.
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    From week 1 until last week, Chris Young was my 'slam dunk' favorite to win it all. Last week, Casey showed that he could "sing", and made even a bigger case this week - I never knew he could sing like that...

    I'm still hoping Chris wins, but barely. If Casey wins, I will be pleased as well. When all is said and done, I think Chris edges him on personality, how pleasing his voice is (you just haffta listen to Chris sing 'Oh Holy Night' on Chrisyoungcountry.com to appreciate it), his songwriting ability, etc.

    Casey on the other hand suddenly reminds me of 'Early Ricky Van Shelton'.

    I really enjoyed Chris each and every week, Casey had his ups and downs, but his 'ups' were WAY up.

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    Casey Rivers

    I didn't see that Casey had any ups and downs. He simply just showcased his different talents in his singing abilities...country, gospel, and etc. I had never heard of Casey until I saw him on Nashville Star and he's been my favorite from the very first show. What a multi-talented guy and with a great sense of humor, too. He has a song he wrote that is beautiful that you can listen to, but not having been here on this message board long enough...it won't allow me to post it.

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