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Thread: April 19th... show thoughts....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    .. she didn't even mention jayron...
    Yep, plus the little dig she got in after his song last night. I won't say how I feel about Anastasia on here <--being PG-13 and all.
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    My aunt's son is friends with him. Here is a quote from an email I got from her this morning:

    Well we said good-bye to Jayron last night. It was so sad for me! He has the best voice and as some of you know "Country Music" isn't country anymore. They want a mixture of hard rock and a tiny bit of country, if any. Those that got out there and jumped all over the stage and showed a lot of emotion they loved. One guy sounds like Buddy Holly. He is still on. Jim and I decided to vote for him because the woman judge Anastasia Brown wants the girl to win. The thing about this that is so strange is Anastasia's husband is a manager for some Christian artist. I am wondering if Amy Grant is one because last week she said, " You should sing for or with Amy Grant" . Jim did say Jayron met for about 2 hours with a Christian manager this past week. Don and I knew Jayron had lost because when the first guy finished singing Anastasia said something like , you think you are going to win this but there is Erica Jo and Jody in this contest. Never mentioned Jayron. We had a feeling he had lost.

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    I am so sad that Jayron is gone.

    Anyone but Erica Jo is fine with me at this point.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    i wanted to add one more thing. at the beginning of the show, anastasia pretty much told us the final 3 when she said to jason, "i know you think you've got this in the bag, but don't go out and buy a new truck just yet. erika jo has a great voice and jody has a unique style." she didn't even mention jayron...

    btw, i hate anastasia. that being said, i did notice that she and sara evans look SO much alike.
    I heard that too and it did not dawn on me that she left out Jayron...

    I am now geting the impression that Anastasia and that old husband of hers must be back dooring a deal with Jayron... if Jayron was smart he would hire a lawyer before he ends up in some horrible record deal.

    Makes me wonder if you are not better off... by gettting booted off early... hiring a great lawyer and getting a decent deal...

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    I finally got to watch on TIVO last night, and I didn't do my usual checking on FORT to see who went home. My fiance hates it when I do it. So, I decided I would be surprised with him. Boy, I was really shocked. I honestly thought Jody was going home, even though I really like him. I just didn't believe others felt the same way. I didn't see the foreshadowing with Anastasia, but it clicked when I read sher's post.
    I agree with the suggestions that Jason sounds like the rest. I don't see him as any different from the original artist singing. He may be a "real" cowboy, but as one who spent lots of time in karaoke bars when I was living in Texas, he doesn't sound that much different from the guys I heard singing in them.
    As for Erica Jo, I am with you all who don't like her much. I know that Erica Jo has the crossover ability that country music has seemed to do lately, but I am not thrilled with it.
    Crossing my fingers for Jody

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    As for Jayron, I started warming up to him the last few weeks but he blew it for me when he sang "The Dance". That is probably my favorite country song and he butchered it.
    I actually didn't think he was that bad. I read this before I watched it, and expected the worst. But I thought he did a nice job with it.

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    Jason is so "same old" to me, and I'm not into perky, so don't care for Erika Jo. GO JODY!

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    I think they're all great. Someone had to go home, and it happened to be Jayron. That's the name of the game. They'll all get recording contracts anyway. I personally think Jason will win, but I will not be disappointed if Jody or Erica Jo does.

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    I love country music....all I listen to. With that said, I truely hope Jody does not win this. It is nothing against him, but I am not ready for Bluegrassy Rockabilly country music to come back. I adore George Strait, so I do not want Jason to win this, even though he is a great performer, I see him as a wanna-be. I guess Erika Jo would be ok...I was really rooting for Jayron, since he was the only one of all the contestants who did not already have a recorded CD when the show started. To me the point of the "talent" reality shows is to help someone who would otherwise never make it.

    By the way, I was a Poison girl back in the day (won't say just how many days that was... ), but how funny was it watching the contestants sing "Nothing But A Good Time"? Jody looked like he would be more comfortable wrestling rattlesnakes and watching them trying to dance...it was a hoot! Gotta give Erika Jo the props though....she was the only one up there that was believable. I guess we should thank God they did not do "Look What The Cat Dragged In" or "Talk Dirty To Me"!

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    Kymberlyann, first let me say that as a fellow Sawyer fan, I love your Av. Where did you ever find it? Second I have to say that my 2 favs right now are Matt and Casey. Oh and Chris Young. Just loved his original tune from last week.
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